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  1. Biocube 8

    i like the mini-jet 606, it fit's in the third chamber rather than taking up space in the display
  2. BC8 lighting upgrade

    Thanks, I didn't know about nanocustoms.com......AWESOME sight.........now i just need lots of $ to upgade my $100tank :-) I have been doing my build on another forum.......perhaps I'll start it up over here too. Thanks again
  3. BC8 lighting upgrade

    The stock lighting is not very powerful......my zoa's aren't as happy as i would like them to be. What are my options for lighting upgrades??? It seems the smallest tek-lights are 2', that's a bit too long...what else is there?? I'm new to the hobby, so please use layman's terms where possible......assume I know nothing......cause I don't Thanks
  4. [BC 8] new tank is up and running

    For the cycle, keeping the lights out and cover the tank so it's in complete darkness. once week, scrub the hell out of the rock to help get all the crap out. I don't know about dealing with high alkalinity......hopefully someone else will chime in. Have you put sand in it already???
  5. [BC 8] new tank is up and running

    look forward to pics.....welcome to the wonderful world of owning a BC8
  6. BC8 - is it true about the center chamber?

    you mean cut away the divider all together??? what would be the benifit - woudln't that eleminate flow?? I've also seen people make surface skimmers with cassette cases.....are they worth it?? and...... in the first chamber there are slats on the top and the bottom going from teh main tank into the first chamber......are teh bottom slats really nessessary?? I was thinking of closing them up. Sorry for all the questions.....ust want to get it right. Thanks, Regi
  7. I'm fairly new to this and still trying to figure out how the science of sw tanks work. I read somewhere....i think here on nano-reef that if I widen the flow from the chamber 1 to chamer 2 by cutting away some of the plastic, that i don't need to follow the min/max fill lines. Is that true?? why is that?? This weekend i'll be doing that and also building a fuge in the center chamber, i just want to make sure i do my mods correctly. Thanks, Regi
  8. Biocube 8G Owners Unite!

    the last two weeks when i did my water change, i took out the LR from chamber 2 and scrubbed it, to try and get rid of any crap that has build up........do you think that would help avoid a nitrate spike or just a waste of my time. Oh and........the bio balls.......they make GREAT cat and ferret toys......but that's about all they're good for.
  9. Biocube 8G Owners Unite!

    Hey DeMartini, i've heard alot of BC8 owners say that they end up with a nitrate spike when they only added LR, have you seen that??? That's how i have mine right now, i'm getting ready to turn it into a fuge.
  10. Six line wrasse & shrimp?

    I've heard of six line's eating sexy shrimp.
  11. Pink Pulsing Xenia SoCal/Central Cal 5$

    sounds good to me......where in Anaheim?
  12. Biocube 8G Owners Unite!

    Resurecting this tread in hopes of getting BC8 owners to post links or mod pics.....i'm just starting mine I would really like to see pics of pump mods.
  13. BioCube 8g - possible mods

    Thanks all
  14. First SW tank

    if you have a cat.....give the cat the bio balls......GREAT toys