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  1. Diatom bloom already? I've never had a tank cycle this quickly and it's starting to freak me out! Tested all params and still no ammonia or nitrites. About 10ppm nitrates after a 2 gallon water change yesterday. Tank has been up for a week today...
  2. Will do! Thanks for the advice!
  3. My LFS is really busy almost all the time and I have no idea where they get their rock from. Might give them a call and ask. I havent added anything to the tank in terms of bacteria or things like that. I did notice that I had two hermit crabs in there that I assumed were somehow attached the to live rock when my LFS packed it up for me. I figured they wouldn't last long so I didn't bother adding anything to jump start the cycle. They're still kicking as of now...
  4. Tested the water today. Ammonia and nitrites are still sitting at 0, but my Nitrates are at about 40ppm. Pretty sure I should do a water change, but with it being a new tank I'm confused as to why I'd have nitrates already with no ammonia or nitrite present.... Tank was set up Friday with live sand and live rock. Bought RO premixed from my LFS. (Nothing but positive reviews online and from folks I know that have used their water.). HELP!!!!!!! I've never had a tank produce nitrates before I detected ammonia or nitrites.... Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. Thanks Mkbarton! I know I'll need a new light before I try to do anything high light demanding, but adding some rock to the top would probably be a good idea!
  6. New FTS since things have settled out. Added another couple pounds of live rock. Would love any feedback on the scape.
  7. So the bug hit me again... Went out today and bought some goodies. It's all setup and running! Equipment: Standard 20 gallon tank Aquaclear 70 HOB SeaClone 100 Protien Skimmer Hydor Koralia 1 Fluval SEA Marine and Reef 2.0 LED Not running anything in the filter yet. Wanted to let things settle out before I put anything in it. Anyone got suggestions on what to run in it? Put some very cloudy pics up. Only has about 11 pounds of live rock so far. Going back to my LFS tomorrow to grab some more. Looks like I'll be busy for the next few months! 😁
  8. Hey guys and gals! Been out of the hobby for about three years and looking to get back in. Have an old 20 high that I'm setting back up. Someone local has the original reef breeders 24 inch LED lights for sale for $200. Like that they are fully controllable but at three years old, are they going to be worth the money? I'm negotiating right now with him, but don't want to pass on something that might work really well for me! Also, I can't mount anything to the ceiling at my place and these don't have tank mounts. Any suggestions? Hopefully have the tank cleaned up and cycling within the month! Thanks! -CV
  9. Had this for a couple of weeks and it's showing some new growth and I think I've seen it stretch out farther than here.