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  1. cvest100

    First coral - Concerned with LED lighting

    There is a acclimation mode on all of AI's devices if you're worried about it. I always start my corals low and wide in the tank for the first couple days, just to make sure they open up. Then I move them up and towards center to where I want them. My corals are also use to getting a lot of intense light already, so I didn't need to ramp up. You also have your light mounted up pretty high, so your par levels wouldn't be high depending on how far it is from where your rock starts and the sand bed/tank bottom. I have a 20 high, so I keep my light intense and only about six inches off the water line to help keep par levels up in the bottom half of the tank. Helps with being able to use more of my rock for coral placement. You'll know pretty quickly if your coral doesn't like it. Try acclimation mode for a week or so and see how it reacts as the intensity gets ramped.
  2. cvest100

    First coral - Concerned with LED lighting

    It would depend on what they keep on the tanks at the store you bought it. I have a couple of LFS that use high intensity LED's already (and one coral farm that has all of their stock in a greenhouse, so crazy amounts of light). My schedule is below, and I've not had anything bleach. Just depends on what the coral was under prior.
  3. cvest100

    20g High Start Up

    Thanks Weetie!
  4. cvest100

    20g High Start Up

    So I have some new additions to the tank! Tiny Cown Goby, Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp and a Firefish. Also a ric frag. Everyone seems happy and even ate when I fed this afternoon! Also picked up both Ca and Alk testing kits. LFS tested my water and Ca was sitting at 420, Alk was at 10.
  5. cvest100

    20g High Start Up

    To google!!!!!!!!
  6. cvest100

    20g High Start Up

    So I was looking my tank over today and noticed these little growths on one piece of macro. Anyone know what they are? They have very small fans at their tips. Photo is about as good as it's going to get....
  7. cvest100

    Lula Mae's full circle 5.5--the end.

    Looks great! Hooray for new stuff!
  8. cvest100

    20g High Start Up

    Thanks! Me too!!
  9. cvest100

    20g High Start Up

  10. cvest100

    20g High Start Up

    I win.....the undesirables have lost their battle with my macros! GSP was just rolled over by a snail....it got pissed. Everything is still testing well. Going to try and find a few more cheap frags this weekend. Maybe Zoa's, torch...not sure yet. I want to find a fun shrimp too, and my third fish!
  11. cvest100

    Reefermadne55's 20h the

    Nice! First 20H I've seen posted about since I set mine up. Great start!
  12. cvest100

    black streak in my reef tank

    I just finished battling this myself! I put some display macros in the tank. Took about a week, but I'm finally seeing clear water and glass. I don't have space for a HOB refugium, but if I did I would have gone that route. It will def compete with any other bad algaes that try to get a foot hold. I wouldn't get rid of any snails. Nassarius snails do a great job of stirring the sand bed. Sometimes these things just need time too...
  13. cvest100

    Lula Mae's full circle 5.5--the end.

    New stuffs are always fun!!!
  14. cvest100

    Lula Mae's full circle 5.5--the end.

    Congrats! Tank is looking great!
  15. cvest100

    Attaching Holdfasts

    I just did the same thing. @Weetabix7glues macros all the time and gave me the same advice. You could always go with fishing line as well. Then cut the line away after the macro attaches itself.