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  1. LED Wattage Question

    Nobody, knows if led power supplies are stifled or not?
  2. LED Wattage Question

    Quick question and I am sorry if this is a dumb question. I am seeing a lot of Chinese led fixtures available for a reasonable price but something has me worried. Although these fixtures are using name brand bulbs cree, bridgelux, etc. and the math adds up for the number of bulbs (3x55=165 watts) The "actual power consumption" of the fixtures is listed at 120 watts. Am I missing something? Should it push 165 watts or is it normal for the drivers only to push 2.18 watts?
  3. Duncan?

    I guess I will just post updates on it as time goes on. I know the pictures aren't conveying what I am trying to emphasize. This thing isn't dull or white, it is fluorescent green and those pictures were taken under the daylights.
  4. Duncan?

    Ok, here are some better pictures. I really don't think it is bleached since it is all a uniform color and flouresces. I have just never seen a duncan this color. http://s13.photobucket.com/user/phiber_optikx/media/Petland/Coral101_zpsb754a4d8.jpg.html'> http://s13.photobucket.com/user/phiber_optikx/media/Petland/Coral102_zpsf2086341.jpg.html'>
  5. Duncan?

    Not bleached. That was a crappy cell phone picture. It is fluorescent green. Same color as Kryptonite Candycanes.
  6. Duncan?

    I believe this is a Duncan but can't seem to find anymore this color. Anyone link me to a similar one? http://s13.photobucket.com/user/phiber_optikx/media/Petland/Dendro_zps4f66f6c5.jpg.html'>
  7. Mr coral

    This is R-Tarded..... You guys are so eager to jump on the hate wagon that you demand proof of positive feedback?! F-OFF
  8. Mixed pack, Santa Cruz Ca. will ship.

    No packs allowed.
  9. Which one is the predator?

    Ime the predator is usually the one wearing dark glasses and a hooded jacket.... don't rule out facial scars either.
  10. Giant Zoa intruder

    Do the first half but instead I think you should glue it to the trash can. Those are a pest
  11. Cutting Up Starfish

    Did nobody else notice this thread is like 5 years old? Beware the zombie thread!
  12. Phiber's Wrassetastic 125 Gallon Pico

    It has been a while since I updated. Needs MOAR pictures for sure. Nothing really new to report. Had a battle with dinoflagellates and won for now. Wrasses poop too much. Since the dinos have gone my sps are starting to color back up. One flame wrasse has turned male as well as the Lineatus. The rhomboid is getting better colors but I would not say it has turned quite yet.
  13. My 125 Gallon LED Reef Peninsula tank build

    I am needing to build basically an identical fixture for my 125. How much did you end up spending total on this fixture?
  14. Corals forsale will ship!

    LMAO! If you picked up the coral no guarantee. Also, if your friend picked it up you have no clue the condition it was in in her tank so you can't claim it was sick from the start. She would have to have quite a pair to try and sell a dead coral IN PERSON....
  15. I'm all for creativity but... uhh... legos?

    A sealab setup would be hilarious though....