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  1. very nice! I have a 92g bow also, it is a HUGE piggy bank! ahaha
  2. Everything doesn't look real to me.. Or its my phone.
  3. gigggggity giggggity
  4. My clams and shrooms,rics, zoa's gsp, grey gorgonian, blue flushed out acro
  5. I have one that looked exactly like that. But cream purple and brown circles. Anyone have a positive id?
  6. wow, alot of these only have just about one color difference. but that makes all the difference!
  7. cool interesting
  8. De La Soul! We did it again!
  9. man wtf.
  10. new age scaping
  11. ^
  12. waaaw
  13. shrooms + fish tank. ohhhh the memories. hahahaha
  14. kiet is hella mean. thats tight, do whatchu do!