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  1. Reef Octopus NS80 Hang-On Nano Skimmer

    May I know what is the minimum water level for it to run? What is the Length x width x height?
  2. Hi, I wanted to try out the Standard Upgraded Cup or the small cup for my 9002 but would like know what is the (outer diameter) radius of both the skimmer cup neck size (tube). My afraid is if the cup OD radius is too small, it will be shaky when running in the tank. Please advice. Thanks.
  3. tunze 9004

    Hi, What is the different between newer 9002 vs the older 9002?
  4. Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    My DIYed Full Spectrum LED module... •10x XTE Royal Blue (1000mA) - Channel 1 •1x XTE Cool White (700mA) - Channel 2 •4x XTE Neutral White (700mA) - Channel 2 •2x XPG Blue (700mA) - Channel 2 •2x Deep Red (600mA) - Channel 3 •2x Cyan (600mA) - Channel 3 •2x Ultra Violet (600mA) - Channel 3 •4x Actinic Violet (600mA) - Channel 3 •Spare – Channel 4 •Total 27 LEDs, ~80 watt powered by 3x ELN-60-48D •GHL ProfiLux Light II controller *Channel 1 & 2 lighted 60 degree Len, Channel 3 lighted with 80 degree Len, Channel 4 as a spare.
  5. ReefBuilders gives a sneak peek at new Radion lens

    I pray hard it is !
  6. ReefBuilders gives a sneak peek at new Radion lens

    They might add in Ultra Violet, Actinic Violet or True violet to stay competitive in LED market.
  7. LEN footprint for Exotic LED

    Thanks !
  8. LEN footprint for Exotic LED

    Yes, single LED. Is the len built into the LED itself or like XPG using external len? If external len, then I need to know the footprint of the len for Turquoise, Deep red and True Violet LED. Thanks.
  9. LEN footprint for Exotic LED

    Hi Milad, May I know what is the footprint for Turquoise, Deep red and True Violet LED? I need it to plan and drill on acrylic plate to hide all the LED wiring so it can only see the len. Please helps.
  10. Ocean Coral White announced

    What degree of len do you cater for this OCW?
  11. Sand selectionm - Black or white!

    Seem like black has more con and pro.. ! I may option out both and go for sandless nano tank instead.. !
  12. mebar

    Not goddness but hotness..LOL!
  13. Hi guy, I'm going to set up a nano tank(25gallon) soon and would like to know what is the pro and con of having black sand. Lighting will be full spectrum LED system. Please advice.
  14. OCW & HVTV

    How about replace the center OCW to 1) 3UP (2RB/1NW) or 2) 3UP Royal Blue? For this configuration, would it able to cover 18x18x18 or 24x24x18" area with full SPS ?