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  1. is the canopy still for sale?
  2. Price? Why won't you ship?
  3. I might be interested in the HQI, can you give me a bit more info on it?
  4. all i can say is.... "wow" do you dose your tank at all?
  5. just one word, "wow"
  6. nice tank, beautiful color blend
  7. ouinla, i would like some of the purple montis, call me.
  8. moonpod, would it be cool if i stopped by tomorrow, wednesday?
  9. ouinla, what kinda digis are they? also, what color zoos?
  10. Hope so. Certain people who said that they would show up and couldn't had reasons for not showing up, but those that didn't show without any reasons that kinda sucked.
  11. Thanks again to those that attended the frag swap. I had a blast. I'm thinking of having another one. Any takers?
  12. moolah's always good. come on by. msg me for the address.
  13. moonpod: i have some refreshments for everyone, but if there's anything you want to bring, feel free to, also, what are you looking to trade for the pink and red zoos and the xenias?