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  1. LED's and Misc supplies FOR SALE!

    Have you sold the breakout box, float switches and aqua lifters?
  2. LED's and Misc supplies FOR SALE!

    Interested in the breakout box, float switches, and aqua lifters. How much to ship to 92336.

    how old is the unit?
  4. Looking for a Reef Angel controller with the Wifi Module. Version 2 preferred. Thanks.

    I'd be interested in the apex lite minus the breakout box. What are you asking? Thanks.
  6. Sold

    PM'd you Disregard that PM Lokko. I just realized this is the old school controller.
  7. FS: 15 gallon AGA / Finnex 4 gallon

    Interested in the RKL. PM Sent
  8. ReefAngle conroller

    Can you post some pictures. How old is the unit. Thanks.
  9. FS: Reef Keeper Lite (Level 1)

    Interested. How old is the unit? Thanks.
  10. Do you have any pictures of the RKL?
  11. F/S few SPS

    Man if only you were closer. I'd be interested in a frag of the confusa, and pink lemonade.
  12. FS: koralia k1

    How old are they?
  13. Overflow and Sump help

    I want to make sure I don't have a flood. This is all new to me. My current setup is a 15g with a modded ac110 fuge.
  14. Overflow and Sump help

    Sorry I meant to plumbing the water to my tank using something like a durso or herbie not hob overflow box. Thanks for the site though, gives me a good idea on the sump design.