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  1. Klarion's Tongan Scape

    It's been a while since I posted anything, but the Tank is still running. I had some serious equipment and time issues, but I think I've solved the equipment issues with the help of a friend. Now I just have to find some free time to post pics... stay tuned. Cheers to ALL
  2. Klarion's Tongan Scape

    Hey Adam, I was on tour in Europe for three weeks. Now I'm back and my tank was a total mess because it got overfed. I had briopsys and hair algae outbreaks, so I'm taking care of the tank now and things are better. I think next time I go away, I will pre-sort all the food into those prescription drug cases, you know, the ones that have slots for every day of the week. That way I wouldn't have to worry....
  3. Divecj5

    I got some Zoa frags and a little sps too. They're doing great and the packaging was very nice too. It's always a pleasure dealing with Adam. I Highly recommended!
  4. Finding Xanadu

    congrats. Hope it works out.
  5. Klarion's Tongan Scape

    Check out this article Salt Mix Toxicity I'm not playing any more MSM gigs. That last one was an exception because David Gilbert asked the orchestra manager to get someone "professional" because the part was exceptionally difficult and very exposed....
  6. Klarion's Tongan Scape

    Yea, I'm considering a switch back to it after the current salt runs out. I read somewhere that it's toxicity level is higher when considering pelagic organisms and micro-fauna, but corals are the priority at this point, right .
  7. Klarion's Tongan Scape

    I was using this for a while: And when I couldn't find it at my supplier I switched to Instant Ocean (from the LFS) and my corals LOVED IT. The coralline algae took off too. So, when I was ordering new salt, I still couldn't find Crystal Sea Marine Mix and went with this: Since my water is pretty clean, I'm guessing that the corals reacted to this new salt.
  8. Klarion's Tongan Scape

    The GSP were not doing as well for a couple of days, but that started before the new light and I suspect they weren't too thrilled with the new salt mix I've been using. Here are some pix with the new light.
  9. Klarion's Tongan Scape

    I like the light and the security of knowing that it's enough for the corals to subsist on. All my old residents seem unphazed by the new light and the colors come out more phosphorescent. But I can't tell the difference in color intensity yet because It may take more time for the corals to adjust. One thing I can tell for sure is that the Yellow polyps are not "reaching" as they did before.
  10. Chucktown 20H

    Happy Birthday, Adam! Wishing you lots of Love, Happiness and many successful years in reef keeping!
  11. Klarion's Tongan Scape

    Sad day today. I discovered my favorite 6 line wrasse on the floor by the tank. He cleared 5 inches between the water and the edge of the tank and slipped out in a very narrow 5X13 opening in the back of the tank...I never expected that kind of precision jumping from a six-line.... a sad day.
  12. Klarion's Tongan Scape

    Hey Adam, I got them on Monday, but the last couple of days were rough with a capital R! Also, I didn't get to ship you that CD until today sorry. So the lights make the tank look completely differently and i still don't know what to make of it. The corals seem to be doing ok but I can't tell how they're adjusting yet. It's hard to compare when the color of the lamp is so drastically different. How long do you think it will take for the corals to properly adjust to the new light?
  13. DCG1286 90G SPS Reef Tank - NEW PICTURES!

    I should be going uptown sometime this week (west side). I'll pm you when I know.
  14. DCG1286 90G SPS Reef Tank - NEW PICTURES!

    Not to step on anyone's toes, but if you ever need picture help, let me know...I'm also uptown once in a while