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  1. Strange critter

    HellFire anemone
  2. This is just way too cool. Octopus Anemone.

    it could be a fire anemone or Tube anemone....
  3. new kessil A350.. just out***post your pics***

    Hello everyone, Do you guys think it will be durable to add A350 to my RSM 130d?
  4. Show Off Your Anemone

    Here is my red/purple LTA...i am not really sure whether it is bleached or not :/ but here you go
  5. Saved LTA from a lousy LFS

    Quick update. http://s1049.photobucket.com/albums/s387/c...nt=IMG_0055.jpg Is it just me or is it slightly bleached? Regards, Omar
  6. Saved LTA from a lousy LFS

    No signs of any stress, no gapping or bleaching what so ever. Sadly the sixline wrasse and the skunk shrimp are harassing it :S. But I am very optimistic regarding the healing part the only thing that I am worried about is my lighting system. Again should I upgrade my lights to LED? Thanks.
  7. Saved LTA from a lousy LFS

    Ya right now it is sticking to the cup and i filled it with sand but it's tentacles arent sticky at all and wrasse is attacking its mouth...O.o and the skunk shrimp is trying to open the anemone mouth to steal the food :/. I had to seal the container untill it digests the food. Thanks for the heads up I'll stop feeding it.
  8. Hello everyone, I found this anemone at my LFS and it was floating around the aquarium for like 2 days :/ and they were lousy enough to turn off the pumps for like one hour, So i decided to buy it and TBH i got a sweet deal it was around 20$. I had to cut off a bottle of water to let it settle inside the sand since it is not sticky and it didnt dig out a hole for itself to settle, my sand is like 3-5 inches thick, and I am planning to feed it 3x every week. Is it going to be alright in my RSM 130D under stock lights or should I upgrade my lights to LED? One more thing Ill be upgrading my tank soon into 60 Gallon solana, just keep your fingers crossed for a raise . please note that I know my tank is small for an LTA and one day it will out grow my tank, but I'll upgrade my tank as soon i get that raise which was promised by my manager. Regards, Omar
  9. Jo in his Xenia

    Not here in UAE
  10. Jo in his Xenia

    I am jealous never got the chance to keep Xenia..bought one..and it was delivered in a horrible condition and died after few days .
  11. You lookin' at me?

    beautiful!!! I am planning to set an aquarium just to have one!!
  12. Got three new corals from Malaysia

    Well it seems like my Xenia is on it is way out , it is melting, but there are some polyps but not opening up. Should I pull it out?
  13. FTS Feb 2012 - Next month is 6 years running!

    OMG! Awesome tank and your acans are just crazy!!
  14. Got three new corals from Malaysia

    Thanks a lot . my blue acropora has brown parts especially in the lower side, and my pom pom xenia had some dying tissues and thankfully it stopped since yesterday, but it is still closed up. Should I give it more time to settle in? Yes I had a feeling my salinity is too low, since my parameters are fluctuating such as calcium and KH, I am preparing a new water change for that. Thank you for your advices
  15. The Acan Club :P

    I saved this coral from crappy LFS and it was dying, I have been nursing it for about 3 months and this is how it looks today.