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  1. Seems like laying on the sand even more often. Also seems to now be both clown fish. 2weeks now since noticed behavior. Not sure what to think about it. Sick and dying. Odd behavior. Video of behavior
  2. Wanted to make sure was acan vs specific name. To make sure for my tank and placement
  3. Looking for an id of this before I buy.
  4. I wondered life span but sounds like 20+ Is possible. I’m happy I got 10 so far but would love to get 10 more. Still alive but still laying down. Pics of active/laying.
  5. Another post of a similar thread. Clown fish laying on sand what’s the cause/problem. My bio cube 29 tank is about 12 years old and current pair of maroon clowns about 10 years in tank. Recently the female clown has started laying on the sand. When I walk into room starts to swim. If I feed is actively eating. Breathing..honestly not sure what heavy is but seems about normal. Other than some corals added not much else has changed. Recently the clown did have some off color but that disappeared. The main changes I have is lighting around Jan 1 from Xmas gift. More intense. And I started doses of seachum 1&2 to raise calcium as mine had dropped with hard corals in tank with new lights. I do water changes weekly and params I test weekly as well. And all looks good but last test showed salinity a little lower than normal. 1.23/4 vs the normal 1.25 I keep it at. I also added about 1/2 cup of sand back in that I had acquired from water changes and cleaning etc. so was dry/dead sand. Possible cause of minor ammonia? But api and Red Sea tests still show zero. Wondering if if I should change anything, add air stone, stop dosing, etc. looking for people’s ideas other than like in most posts...fish dies. Been about 3-4 days like this not sure during day activity as at work. But seems no worse since I noticed it.
  6. Looks like green clove or star polyps to me... can you get a shot of center of a single stem may help clear up answer
  7. Also wondering what this is. Partially closed usually has more filters feeders out. Seems to be getting green color back. Thanks
  8. Color on yours is great. Jealous lol
  9. Looking for an I’d on this.
  10. I’m looking at a hydra hd 26. What I’m trying to figure out is light spread. Essentially I’m thinking of cutting a hole if my bio cube hood and then placing this light in (I want canapoy for water loss, fish jumping, looks, etc). So this will but light basically right above water level. I see spread read and par info for 12 or 24” height. But trying to figure out what I can expect if it’s only like 2” above water. Anyone have experience or a or a way to figure out coverage? I’m trying to determine coverage at say 5, 10, and 16 inches to know if it will cover tank and corals properly. So for example if at 5” down will it spread to 6” wide, 12”, more? anyone tried this or know how to figure it out?
  11. Let’s hope. Right now I can’t identify it as a disease and so far seems like swimming and eating normal.
  12. Here is a better pic but best I can get.
  13. Picture is not good but best I got till tomorrow when light comes on again. You can see how tail at end looks off color
  14. I have two maroon clown fish in a BioCube 29. I have had them a little over 10 years now mated (not reproducing though). The small male looks very healthy and no signs of issues. Recently however the female is showing some distress on the tail area. I tried to take a picture but it does not really show the coloration (I'll try again later and post if I can get a good one). Essentially the tail has some grey/opaque coloration on it. Its easiest to see with actinic lights highest vs just white light. Its not mucus or a film, just the scales have off coloring. That's the best I can explain it right now. Breathing seems normal, appetite seems good, no other signs like ick or other issues that are obvious. Water parameters in general look good. No reported issues when testing but have a minor amount of cyno in tank so maybe phosphates could be high. Changes to the tank include that I have added a few corals and I did increased the light output (replaced a burning out led bar) added some snails but nothing major. Behavior wise I noticed with the increase in light my candy cane coral is opening much larger and have seen the maroon clown try to "host" it in the sense of it will swim gently on it and stop swimming and rest on the coral, then swim off and repeat. I've been looking up diseases and do not see any pictures that resemble the issue. Anyone have thoughts on this like what it may be or possible causes? I'm at a loss because I've never really had to deal with sick fish before (if it even is).
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