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  1. Tricolor mili (will cut at red line) - $125 Purple plate coral - $20 for >1", $30 for >2" Meteor shower frag - $5 Purple haze frag -$10 Starburst monti cap - $10 frag, $20 for 3x3 chunk JF Candy corn favia frag - $30 Blue and green favia 3x3 -$10 Green birds nest frag free with purchase over >$50 PM with zip code for shipping cost
  2. Have some spare plate corals that I grew out. 2" and above is $40, 1" and over is $20. The big 4" one in the very front is not for sale. PU in Philadelphia, or I can ship (PM me your zip code for cost). Pics below. 1" frag plug in the sand for size reference.
  3. Are we talking yellowfin tuna? Sure they may feel cramped. But tons of fish stay within a very small area on the reef - clownfish are a good example. I saw several colonies snorkeling in Australia, they stayed within 1' of their anemone the entire time I was watching (though there may be some observation bias from me being there). Gobies are lazy and dont move much either. If youre worried, buy a larger tank. I have no idea where you got that number. Most clowns, neon gobies, and other nano fish are captive bred and come in all kinds of morphs from selective breeding. Tangs will soon be captive bred as well (just starting to get figured out). Also, the fish are caught very young, so there is no environmental impact. Fish are R-selective strategists in breeding, they make tons of offspring and most never survive to adulthood. By capturing the younger ones, you actually dont have an effect on adult populations later on unless you harvest an overwhelming majority of the juveniles. CN- does not work like that - it isnt tissue specific, it is an inhibitor of cytochrome c oxidase in the electron transport chain of mitochondriae, inhibiting energy metabolism. And nobody buys those fish since they die very soon and the signs are visible so wholesellers know what to avoid - even if they didnt have any moral issue with it, theres an economic incentive; you cant sell dead fish. Fish do not use verbal communication. No larynx or syrinx - they cannot vocalize. They may have some capacity to detect vibration, but likely not the same sensation as a mammal's hearing. And typically, the smaller the animal, the higher the frequency range it perceives - so our equipment could well be out of the range they can detect. For example, mice can only hear the highest pitches humans can make. So your pet rodent doesnt actually hear you most of the time. Sunlight is stronger than most reef lights. Both in lumens and in PAR. Let me put it this way, studying animal welfare requires a scientific approach, and is difficult to do for even cats, let alone for each species of fish we keep. It is as unfair to a fish to treat it like a human as it would be to treat a human like a fish. They want different things.
  4. I think I know what it is based on what it looks like grossly in the tank, but want a confirmation on the cytology cuz it wasnt exactly cut and dry things id look for. The images are on 40x and 100x objectives. The cells were not motile on the slide. I dont want to give extra info to not cilor anyones opinion
  5. New frags in a tank, always exciting. Especially when you first notice new growth that happens in your tank so you know they are doing ok.
  6. Price drop to $430, tired of holding on to it. New unopened box.
  7. this should be an interesting tank to scape. its got a very cool look.
  8. https://www.saltwateraquarium.com/apex-wsk-wav-dual-pump-starter-kit-neptune-systems/ 2 pumps, link module, cable, power supply. Unopened. Asking $474.00
  9. I was telling myself I'd keep a journal and keep it up to date. Didn't work out that way. Over the summer I was gone most of the time and the tank was on autopilot. Slow deterioration of some corals, while others did fine. Now stuff is back on course. The meteor shower almost completely STNed, but now is back to full size. I just need more snails since the hermits keep killing them off now and then - bastards.
  10. coralline algea is nice to have. others not so much (except some macros like cheato in the sump). the worst ones IMO are kent tech-m resistant byropsis (over 2200ppm Mg for 2 weeks and it just kept growing), dinos, and cyano. all 3 are very very good at nutrient extraction, so they are very difficult if not impossible to starve out with nutrient reduction.
  11. talk about florescence, looks gorgeous.
  12. i still remember coming home to a freshwater tank with no fish after being gone for 2 weeks back while i was in high school.
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