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  1. Pretty sure you would have to go to the North pole for them, but if we are going on an elf hunt I'm in.
  2. I think if anyone here thinks about buying a second prime they usually sell their first prime and put the money towards a Hydra 26 instead? IDK though, its definitely something I never thought about before! Hope you find someone who has tried it, good luck Cannedfish.
  3. Here is a good video on using multiple Primes that BRS did awhile back, hope it helps give you some decent info so you can make a decision on whether or not you want to try it out.
  4. As soon as I get a new tank build going, I will be happy to but its probably still several months away. I am in the final phase of preparing for my move to a larger place and then I gotta save up for a new couch and stuff first!
  5. I saw in a lagoon 25 thread that someone had made it fit in theirs, I think the AIO chamber on each is about the same size? Hmm...Lagoon is 2.8" x 4" for the second chamber that he had it in, IM 10 is...2.97" x 4" for chamber two. I think it would fit. Found it in the Lagoon 25 owner's thread! eslatts11 posted the pic and this on March 18th, page 22 (would have directly linked the whole quote in the thread but couldn't figure out how): Just picked up the Icecap k1 nano skimmer at Indmas. Very unhappy with my Tunze 9001's performance. Will report back on how it's doing. First impressions are great, already seeing some skimmate collect and no micro bubbles from the start. Fits nice and snug into one of the side chambers. Althought you can't use the magnet attachment it came with, it's not really needed as the skimmer is just the right height to sit on the bottom of the tank.
  6. Has anyone tried to shove an Icecap K1 skimmer in the middle chamber yet?
  7. If in doubt, just wait til the pods show up.
  8. I was comparing the water box 10 cube to the IM Nuvo 10 and noticed it holds about 1 gallon more of water, which I am stoked about but I noticed the return chamber is only 2x4 inches which I doubt would fit a Sicce 0.5 in it. Does anyone have this particular tank and if so, did you upgrade the pump? They list it as an Eco Plus Pump, or something but with 0 stats on flow rate etc. on their website. Just wanted to know if anyone has skipped over this tank because of that since you can at least fit a Sicce 0.5 in a IM 10.
  9. Good start so far, you have already surpassed any DIY that I am capable of so mad props.
  10. Oh lordy, dont I know it. I have to get her thinking about something else like a toy instead. I tend to launch little plushies all around the house the entire day to keep my valuables in place.
  11. Welcome! Seems like a good start, I had the same tank and started with distilled WalMart water too. I went through about 3 gallons a week, 2 for the water changes and 1 for the evaporation. I cant say enough good things about an RO/DI unit though and being able to make it right there in-house in a bucket with a heater, top up the ATO reservoir if you decide to go that route then mix up some saltwater in another bucket with a heater and powerhead and voila, in a tank this small you would have to run a decent RO/DI unit for maybe 30 minutes a week to get what you need? I don't see an ATO listed so I am not sure you have one but it will help keep your levels more even. I was checking mine 2-3 times a day before I got my ATO working and I could tell the difference for sure. Good luck tmabry!
  12. Mine chews on my PC headphone cords, doesnt like me to listen to my music in peace I guess. I've lurked through your aquarium journal and saw all the cat pics, didn't say anything then so let me say it now - they are cute little buggers! Here's mine:
  13. Mine sits in the sink and drinks straight from the tap in my kitchen! She has to wake me in the night for her midnight sip of water in the bathroom sink. *sigh* I just don't want her hurting herself, she is getting older I am worried she will somehow fall in and not be able to get out. Maybe I have found a phobia I have? "Afraid of seeing a cat get hurtobia."
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