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  1. Nice yellow! My dwarf lionfish is definitely my favorite fish.
  2. Sick nem!
  3. Nice! I love clams!
  4. Great shot! It makes me miss my porcelain crab who died during one of my many moves.
  5. @andrew: definitely one of my favorite fish, took me a while to find one (GF paid ) @ss: Yeah, he has some blue lines on his eyes which are really cool. They are slightly brighter than the picture suggests too!
  6. My new fuzzy dwarf lionfish
  7. I cannot even imaging what it looks like within the wall! Will the fireplace not heat up the tank?
  8. very cool
  9. thanks clifford. It's quite hard to take a picture in focus when you keep floating in the current.
  10. Picture of a starfish I found during my trip to St. Kitts this summer.
  11. beautiful starfish
  12. 190

  13. nice!
  14. Gimme!
  15. Wow, that's an impressive phone camera.