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  1. Clownfish and Six-Line Question...

    thanks everybody, sounds like i'll put the clown in first and it sounds like it depends on each fish its self... i guess we'll have to wait and see thanks again! if anyone else has somethin different, let me know!
  2. Branching frogspawn

    +1 on the 3"
  3. Choose my next fish!

    i votd fer the 2-3 neon gobies, had one, it was awesome! whenever my hand went in the tank, he would git on it and 'clean' it it was pretty cool. plus i had it in there with the yasha, they didnt even hardly look at each other...
  4. Clownfish and Six-Line Question...

    im gonna put 1ocellaris in there thanks for the help aj!
  5. Clownfish and Six-Line Question...

    thanks dsn! never had a six line before, but i have had a clown... that thing was mean! (as many people know) it would nip my other fish and me whenever my hand went in there...he drew blood a couple times two! but, im gonna try for another one, hopefully this one would be so dern mean! and it would be great if both of them were peaceful! but, im not expecting that...
  6. Which one would you say is more aggressive? I guess it would partially (or completely) depend on the fish its self. I want to put them both in a 29BioCube. Im tryin to figure out which one to put in there first. Any suggestions?
  7. What is this?

    yup, +1 on the BW Ive touched them before, several times, nothing happened to me... but IT IS A BW!
  8. My green Mandrian taken with new camera!

    Its so pretty!!!
  9. +1 for stomatella... like Scott R. said, you'll find all kinds of things! (pods, stomatella, feather duster, etc) they are known as "hitchikers": things that hitchike on your live rock into your tank...
  10. New Guy Saying HI

    to NR.com! #1 thing is REASEARCH wich can't be stressed enough! welcome to the addiction!
  11. Help me pick my last fish

    Remember, you need to get a fish that will be/stay the apropriate size for your tank.
  12. What to do with my nippy clownfish

    Well I chase mine around the tank. It only helps for about 15-20 sec . I'm going to start trying the flicking thing!
  13. New baby Perc clown

    Well, not sure what to tell you. My clown eats mysis and brine. Good Luck though.
  14. White stuff

    Sweet pics man! Wow, never get snow like that in TN, or any sonw for that matter! Once again, pics are great!
  15. RO Units

    Is this where you work or something? Or were you picking up some RO filters?