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  1. WaWaWang's 70g Canvas

    Here is a quick updated pic. Everything is going strong. - Started the Prodibio system a few months ago. - I also removed the cermedia to see if I can grow Cheato in my fuge. My cheato just wont grow for some reason
  2. WaWaWang's 70g Canvas

    I would like to share my newest setup with you guys. I upgraded my 40g shallow tank. My big clam squirted water out of my tank constantly damaging the cheapo Target stand over time. I decided to upgrade before it fell apart. My goal and inspiration was: -Ease of maintenance -Hidden equipment -Pristine sand -Movement -Beauty Hardware Tank: Elos 100 Stand: Elos stand with wendge doors Light: 36 inch ATI sunpower Nanobox Hybrid Sump: Trigger Systems Emerald 26 Skimmer: Aquamaxx ConeS CO Bio Media: CerMedia Marine Pure Block 8x8x4 - in refugium section in sump Return Pump: Eheim Compact Plus 3000 Water Movement: Vortech MP10 silent Temp Controller: Cobalt Neo Stat Livestock Assorted - see pics 02-07-2016 FTS 09-13-2015 FTS
  3. Wawawang

    The aloe is in mason jars on a platform behind the exposed rock. Aloe is very easy to grow. I water then once a week. The air plants I rotate weekly from my exposed rock to my window sill. I rinse the aloe plant with fresh water when I rotate to remove salt. No roots in the water they would die.
  4. WaWaWang's 40G of Shallownessnessgoon

    I have the plants in mason jars on a platform I built.
  5. Wawawang

    The aloe is in mason jars on top of a platform made out of the diffuser plastic stuff. Thanks everyone!
  6. Wawawang

    Ill try to get the clam and xenia side on a video and post it on my tank journal thread. It's amazing watching the clowns hosting the xenia while its pulsing.
  7. Yes remove waste, introduce bacteria, maintain a white fresh looking sand bed. I find a white fresh looking oolite sandbed really makes my clam island pop.
  8. Thanks! I remove around half a cup of sand per water change and replace 1-2 cups per month with aragalive oolite.
  9. That's my favorite part too. Imagine the Xenia pulsing!
  10. WaWaWang's 40G of Shallownessnessgoon

    Thanks everyone!
  11. Wawawang

    Thank you! If you guys have any questions let me know I will keep an eye out in the comments.
  12. Hypes Edgeless Ridge Islet-Complete

    Great looking scape. Nothing like a top viewable tank with exposed features. Brings more dimension to the overall look of the setup that people aren't used to.
  13. WaWaWang's 40G of Shallownessnessgoon

    Mines dead silent. They have this silencer that is inside the skimmer on my version looks like a piece of foam. It is load when I take that off.
  14. WaWaWang's 40G of Shallownessnessgoon

    Yes I run a aquac remora pro hob. Almost a zero maintanance skimner. Id never do needle wheel after this again.