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  1. Caught A Flat Worm

    I would go the flatworm exit route. I have had that problem in the past and it's worked. Make sure you follow the directions.
  2. Found a Couple Pests

    It kind of looks like a bristle worm. Those things creep me out. If it is a bristle worm then it's harmless.
  3. FS: BC14 hood insides

    I have everything expect the bulbs. Looking to sell as a complete package! I don't know if one of the led's works but the other one does. $30 shipped
  4. sushiROX's BC14

    Thanks!! He has a buddy in there. It's a 6-line and a skunk shrimp. I don't want any anemone's moving around and stinging my corals so I stay away from them even though I love them! Couple new snap shots of my favorites in the tank: red lava chalice joker chalice fairy eye's favia
  5. sushiROX's BC14

    Just got a Derasa Clam!! It's about 2 inches. Opened up within 5 min of being in my tank!
  6. sushiROX's BC14

    Hi everyone! I just snapped a few cell phone pix of my tank and I decided to share I have a BC14 with a RapidLED upgrade, RKL with ALC to control my lights, and a inTank media basket with Floss, Purigen, and Chemi-Pure Elite. Left Side: Right Side: Front Tank Shot: I plan on snapping better pictures on an actual camera soon!
  7. Trying to lower nitrates w/o livestock

    I don't think you are done cycling either. I recommend another water change and Purigen.
  8. Red Sea Max LED retrofit

    Very nice job! I really like that you retained the stock look.
  9. Rapid LED Group Buy

    I'm also interested. If we get enough people my order will be for $175. Only downfall is that idk if they will have the drivers I'm waiting on in stock by the time we have to submit the order.
  10. What type of water do you use?

    I also use the distilled 1-gal bottles that you buy from Wal-mart. When I'm out getting little things I just pick up a few gallons so it's no hassle. I read in older threads that using the the 5-gal jugs that you fill yourself is sketchy because you don't know how often they change the filters. The 1-gal distilled that is already bottled up is regularly maintained so you get the same quality every time. If you go the route of getting the already bottled distilled, I found Wal-mart to be cheaper than any grocery store. Good luck!
  11. FS: Red Sea Max with extras

    i wish u were closer too
  12. Location: Northeast Indiana Asking Price: $360 obo Red Sea Max: -tank -stand -return pumps -heater -Tunze nano doc 9002 skimmer -inTank media basket Cons: -missing the little piece that covers the timer -needs bulbs replaced Can provide more pix if needed. Thanks for looking!