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  1. Sorry I don't much get into LED builds, plenty of others here that I'm sure could handle it though. All PM's replied to
  2. I've done a few custom hoods, stands, bases, pendants, ect for people as well as a bunch of stuff for myself. I don't currently need anything for myself but I've been itching to build something. Would anyone be interested in custom stuff for a 2.5g, 5.5g, 10g, or other small to medium size tanks? I could do as much or as little as someone would like....hoods, bases, lighting, dividing walls, plumbing or anything else you can think of. A lot of people seem to like things in a paint style I use where the base is black with a white speckling on top. I may also be able to do a few things with bamboo depending on how much material I have left. Please PM me with any requests or questions
  3. Velcro seems to have loops....if you look at most scrubbers they are less loopy, shorter, and stiffer.
  4. Does anyone know where I can get or what to use for replacement pads on a Mag Float or any other type of magnetic scraper? I know places sell the pads but can I just buy a sheet of the stuff or something similar?
  5. My return pump crapped out and I need a reasonably priced used one. A Mag 12, Ocean Runner 6500, or Eheim 1262 would work great but anything that will pump 650ish GPH @ 8-9 feet of head will work. Please PM
  6. I just bought a bunch of packs of super glue gel and got about 3 times more than I'll use in the next year. They are the three packs of 2g tubes in the resealable package. I think they retail for like $4.29 a pack....I'll sell my extra for $3 a pack until I run out. I can ship several packs flat rate priority for $5. I like these small tubes much better because if the one you have open dries out you only lose that tube not a whole squeeze bottle. Please PM me if interested
  7. I'm looking for a Sedra 5000 or equivalent pump with a needle/pin wheel impeller. PM me with what you have and price shipped to 05837.
  8. I'd also trade for a return pump capable of 600-650gph at 8-9 ft head.
  9. I have for sale a fixture I built to fit my old 14g biocube. I sold the tank before ever using it so I never put a light in it....however I do have 2 switches and a fan. It's made entirely of wood, glued and screwed together, sealed with killz 2 latex, and then painted. I built it to hold a 70w MH retrofit and ballast from hellolights.com but I'm sure other lights will fit. If needed I can wire everything and install the light, switches, and fan for a reasonable price. Asking $75 obo I can also make full hoods for any small to medium size tank as well as fixture style ones like this.
  10. I built a sunpod style fixture for my old 14g biocube and never got it finished up before selling my tank. I'd like to finish it but I want a tank to use as a guide for a couple things. Does anyone have a broken tank or just the plastic trim I could buy?