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    I've had my AI Sol Nano for about a year now and initially had a lot of corals shrink up, so I toned it down and I've been running the following lighting schedule for the last few months with much better success. I feel like I could probably up the intensity a bit, but I wanted some opinions first. It's a 14 gallon biocube with soft corals and a frogspawn... Timer 1- 10:30AM W15 B50 RB25 120 Min Ramp up Timer 2- 1:00PM W20 B55 RB45 120 Min Ramp Up Timer 3- 5:00 PM W30 B50 RB60 90 Min Ramp Up Timer 4- 10:00PM W15 B50 RB50 60 Min Ramp Up Timer 5- 11:30PM W0 B1 RB6 25 Min Ramp Up Lunar On I'm thinking I should up my white somewhere, and probably reduce my blue initially, any thoughts?
  2. Phishyaly

    Here are mine...crappy phone pictures but you get the idea. Can't wait for them to split like this one
  3. Phishyaly

    Mine were packaged extremely well and arrived looking great. I'll post some pics once they get a bit bigger. Thanks Aly!
  4. Hammer Coral Questions-Am I doing something wrong?

    I've been moving the powerhead around trying to find where the coral responds best, it looks like it's right on it but it's slightly over it. I'll check into a magnesium test kit and maybe do smaller water changes more frequently and see what that does. I was doing 3-4 gallons/week but I'll try 2-3 gallons twice a week.
  5. Hammer Coral Questions-Am I doing something wrong?

    I don't have a magnesium test kit. Should I try to use some calcium supplement?
  6. I bought a hammer coral a week or so ago and I'm not sure if it's looking as great as it should. It just doesn't seem like it's extending out as much as it was in the store when I bought it. Also, ever since I placed it in my tank my toadstool and green sinularia (particularly the sinularia) don't seem to be opening up as much as they used to. Is there a chance the hammer has released something that's upsetting them? Anyways, I tested my water this morning and calcium was at 350 and alkalinity at 7.5. That's all good right? Pics are below:
  7. FL Ric Group Buy Makeups

    Just sent payment for 6 replacement rics. Thanks!
  8. Derimming a biocube

    I used a dremel with a small cutting attachment and just made sure not to knick the glass. What helped me get my rim off the most was using a heat gun and really taking some time to heat up the rim/silicone after I had removed as much silicone as possible with a razor. I tried just using a razor but the rim wouldn't budge, once I heated it up I was able to pry it off (wear gloves or use a towel as the plastic gets pretty hot).
  9. Have you tried to pick them off gently while siphoning them out? That's always worked well for me.
  10. Innovative Marine Nuvo 16

    Yea I'm confused on the pricing too, what is your asking price?

    It shouldn't always be on, but that being said mine runs most of the time. Try blowing on the fan to see if it gets going, if it does then you have a defective fan and they will send you a new one. My fan usually starts up once the white lights get going and it doesn't turn off until they dim out and it's just blues on at night.
  12. FS: Florida Ricordia group buy

    I don't know why anyone who requested the heat pack is still surprised by what they receive. We all know what has happened and why it happened...
  13. Extreme Intermediate BC14

    I think they're more interesting as a pair. I have a pair in my 14 gallon biocube along with a cleaner shrimp and it's worked out well for 9+ months now. At some point I'd like to give the clownfish a little more swimming room, but they seem happy in the biocube.
  14. FS: Florida Ricordia group buy

    I'm in for 6 of the replacement rics!