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  1. holdorf333

    Website Update Coming Soon!

    and animated avitars, right?
  2. holdorf333

    Water problem?

    You're fine. Follow the mixing instructions on the label and adjust as necessary to match your existing conditions once you get things established. During the cycle, let the tank get funky; algae and diatoms are welcome. Things will normalize and you'll be in a much better position to stock with success. Also, don't get caught up in bottled problem solvers or accelerants.
  3. holdorf333

    Water problem?

    That's your idea of condescending? Wow, easy girl, that's just playful banter. If you took that in any other way, that's your fault. edit: lol isn't cju84 the bears fan that got mad butthurt and can't take some light and playful football banter? you're STILL carrying that around? omglolol point before the rude derail: no reason to get a headache about trivial details at this point, now is a good time to figure out how your tank sits (level, straight, lighting mounting, .....) the process for setup and maturation is going to be long and patience-trying, start practicing!
  4. holdorf333

    Water problem?

    First, Second, you're only this far in and already hovering? Ease up, man and let things be.
  5. holdorf333

    Seachem Stability

    or just let the tank cycle. toss it, imo.
  6. holdorf333

    Should I move my sand.

    Is the tank still new? Is it stocked in any way?
  7. holdorf333

    * inTank at MACNA 2014 PICS - Denver *

    I figured I'd just let you sleep but then i heard you were tearing it up in the hotel bar lol
  8. holdorf333

    * inTank at MACNA 2014 PICS - Denver *

    ouTank, eh? took me like 3 days to notice lol
  9. holdorf333

    Problem with my 24g JBJ Media Basket

    f that just go get one from an old gf or whatev
  10. holdorf333

    Problem with my 24g JBJ Media Basket

    I say let the cat shit in your tank and see if it really is worth it
  11. ask john in his sponsor threads