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  1. So when you start with dry rock, do you use any live rock at all to seed with? If not how do you get coraline to grow?
  2. My worm would just be bait for that monster
  3. I've worms but this guy is a beast. I'm not sure I want it in my other tank if it's going to eat snails. Edit: Eugene is beeuutteefulllll.
  4. Lalani..... Worm Queen
  5. But now what? Flush it? Keep it in my 29? Send it to Andrew Zimmer (the bizarre foods guy on the Travel channel)?? The only thing I had trouble with in this tank was keeping snails. I blamed that on the hermits though. Maybe it eats snails There's also a 6-7" long regular bristle worm in this tank. mmmmm?? Maybe a bristle worm celebrity death match???
  6. I found this while breaking down my 20-long tank. It's over a foot long. Color is greenish-brownish-orange with about 1.5" of it's tail bright orange-red. Has sort of a small flat head. Coils up into a knot and slimes up when annoyed. I have tons of regular red bristle worms with white bristles but never seen one like this. When I lifted the rock I couldn't even tell what it was because it was just a ball of slime covered with sand. For size reference this is a 64 ounce yogurt container that's about 6.5" in diameter.
  7. Think I killed the nanowave!

    Did you check the temperature after adding the pump? The NW9 runs hot and adding another pump could have caused your temps to rise.
  8. Why the HELL are corals so damn expensive?

    This tread makes me LOL!! The stupidity of business understanding written here is too funny. For someone studying business you have no idea what you are talking about. If there was tons of profit in the coral business, don't you think there would be more places selling coral?? It doesn't matter if the corals were free, it would still cost the store to keep them alive and well, display them, bag them, ++++++ etc etc.... It's called OVERHEAD.
  9. If you want to run the fan(s), find a 6-volt power supply and hook them up. They will run slower and a lot more quiet. I've been trying to get the skimmer to work but I think it's just a poor design. If there is enough bubbles to make skim, too many bubbles exit the skimmer outlet. The best skim I've been able to make was light greenish watery stuff. I'm going to hang the skimmer in my 29 and see if there is anyway to mod it to work correctly. It's hard to see it working in the back chamber.
  10. starting tank today

    Water?? Salt mix??
  11. NRF's Simple Wonders 5.5

    Woha.......Dem fuzzzzy wocks is startin to look pweety natuwall......... ........
  12. Abandoned

    Slasher movie buff eh? Nice pics !!