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  1. Nick's 40BRD Reborn

    We need to see some pics
  2. got2envy's Pico de Amor <3

    i cant wait!
  3. lilredneckmans RSM

    Wow guys thanks for all the comments! I really appreciate it. I think that this scape is finally going to be the one, it helped open up alot more places for me to put corals and i really like it. I cant wait to start filling in the SPS rock, its going to be great!
  4. Kylebeano's 50g Shallow Cube

    AWESOME TANK! I really love all of the different colors
  5. New RSM 130d

    Congrats on the new tank! I cant wait to see pics!
  6. Trying to frag one of my florida rics, questions...

    yep junyoungmin did a great job explaining it. But to answer your question, if you miss one of the mouths it will be fine, it will always grow a new one, well at least thats what has always happened for me.
  7. lilredneckmans RSM

    Well i got a few new base rocks from Nick's Reef and decided to re do my scape because i was so tired of the other one and i really didn't have any more room for corals. A major cleaning, 5g water change and 2 hours later i came up with this! LMK what u think! FTS Orange acan growing nicely RPE and angry PD's Duncan and yellow polpys hammer and froggy zoas Garf from Nick's Reef. also thats my new sps rock LMK what you think
  8. My 6 Gallon Fluval Edge - Office Tank

    looks sweet!
  9. My 75 Gallon peninsula tank

    Hey mitch, can you Pm me on how much it would be for a frag of your Pink Birdsnest Seriatopora and a frag of the dewaslii. I would really appreciate it! Josh
  10. got2envy's AP24

    Looking great Maria! I wish my tank was this sexy!
  11. lilredneckmans RSM

    Well nothing much has really been going on lately, i am having a severe bubble algae and gelidum alage problems. This weekend i am going to take all of my rocks out and scrub them and then i got a few new base rocks that i will be putting in because i am re doing my scape than doing a 10g water change. Other than that the corals are growing nicely and doing all right. Ill take some pics within a few days.
  12. Summer Prize Giveaway

    my favorite are my colorful acans.
  13. New Tanks Make Me SMILE

    Cant wait for pics!
  14. Nick's 40 Breeder

    At some point today im comin over
  15. lilredneckmans RSM

    Thanks David! I really appreciate it! I just need another fish or so and some more corals to brighten the tank up.