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  1. why not just buy a glass tank and sylicone in glass baffles? Thats what I will be doing in two weeks when I setup my tank.
  2. I emailed Inland Reef and they said that I am next on the list, but I did order this product on march 16th. Hurry hurry hurry!!
  3. My only concern is the harmfull effect of the swift current on my fish, and I am not that worried about the corals. I ordered the scwd form Inland Reef for $29, I think, and they are taking for ever on my order. One heck of a price though!
  4. I am stuck in my decision of which pump to buy. I have a $60 gift card from Petsmart and I'd like to use this money for my pump. Petsmart only sells through mag 7 then jumps to mag 12. My dilemma is to get the mag 7 or the 12 and use a gate valve to restrict the flow. Here is the system that I am planning.
  5. I'm planning on using a 1" output from my main tank to the fuge then two return bulkheads for the swcd. I've seen it done with flexi pipe and nossles, but to each is his own.
  6. I'm not sure how it would work, but I though I would give you a bump and let you know that Inland Reef has the squid on sale for $29.