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  1. Canon EOS

    Agreed. This is my next lens, when money pile is large enough. I want!
  2. Rocket's LED AP24 Fishless Reef

    Photo update again: A view right at the water line, taken with 10mm Ultra Wide Angle lens Above the lights (from the wood frame) Right at the lights white rims. That is all the photos for a while. Going to let the tank sit as is for a while. I'll be hunting for a clam in the mean time!
  3. Lani's random photos

    to reduce fence presence: Open the Aperture up, and get close to the fence, but not too close. I stay about 6 feet. I have an example of a f/5 vs /f2.8 the last time I was at the Zoo. But I don't want to post my photos on your photo thread.
  4. Tanked!

    Just don't have fish, and sps corals, you will be alright.
  5. Hey peeps. I'm going to run a thread of my best photographs. To start, Here is the input shaft bearing from my 2001 Acura Integra GSR. larger version here Full Resolution here Canon EOS 60D Canon 100mm L Exposure 0.001 sec (1/2000) Aperture f/2.8 Focal Length 100 mm ISO Speed 100 Subject Distance 0.63 m Shot in RAW. Converted with DPP, and then LightRoom for the signature. This is straight out of the camera. I'm extremely happy with how all the shots came out. To see the rest click here
  6. RO/DI at 33psi?

    For years my house had a RO system running at 30 PSI. TDS in was 763 and out was around 15-17. But for a reef tank you want 0. And lower pressure will reduce membrane efficiency, you will be using up the DI extremely fast on your new unit. Expect to replace it a lot $$$. Also, your product to waste ratio will be higher, as in your water bill will be higher. Get a booster pump. I recently added one to my ro, and ro/DI systems. The house puts out about 9 TDS. And the reef tank system puts out about 4 before the DI. You should be trying for 60-65 PSI.
  7. Rocket's LED AP24 Fishless Reef

    Top Down Photo Time! These look really cool with the LED lighting. Aussie Acan Yuma Torch Frogspawn Florida Ricordea Next week photos from "the lights perspective @10mm"
  8. Rocket's LED AP24 Fishless Reef

    Added this a couple weeks ago. 150 watt version. I'm liking the results, 2F swing with a remote temp probe. much more stable than my old Marineland 100w. I keep the tank in a unheated basement. Winter is coming, and ambient temps in the 50's are possible. Hm... Seems JBJ makes quality products. I have two! Magnetic installation is GENIUS!!! Top down photos sometime next week! A view from the LED's! A side note: After monitoring with a Kill-a-Watt meter for 237 hours. My tank averages a total power usage of 119watts. I'm curious how this will go in the winter. As of now basement temps are around 67-70. I'll redo this test Monthly.
  9. Need Some Advise

    All the weight is going to be on those 6 "4x4's" Why you put a 3/4''? paneling on top is beyond me. All the weight is routed with screws/bolts/brackets. Risky, All the crap on the top is worthless The only points of support are the small area above the (6) posts. I do like how you route it to the ground though, at least that is not hovering. You want to disperse the entire weight around the tank bottom rim. You do not want weight to be supported by screws/brackets/bolts, these devices are to hold wood together not resist shear. Putting the 2x6's on top of the (6) posts would do the trick. You don't need anything in the center. Unless this is an acrylic tank. Maybe a cross member or two to keep it square with warping. Here is what I'm talking about: Held about 1200 lbs for 2 years. I sealed it completely, inside and out. 125 gallon Reef tank.
  10. Is my lighting schedule too short?

    * too And per your question: Maybe. that is 5 hours of light, and should be enough for softies. Try it for a while and watch your corals. If you bring the MH to 4 hours then I would say you would be safe for a extended length of photo period limiting.
  11. Adam's 220 Marineland Tank

    Awesome! But you may want to move it from the wall a bit on both sides. You will need to get a hand behind there.
  12. Rocket's LED AP24 Fishless Reef

    Ricordea rock Frogspawn Hand held 1/125 sec. f/7.1 ISO 1250 1:1 Macro Hand held 1/20 sec. f/32 ISO 6400 Almost 1:1 macro
  13. A question of temperature

    Gulf water is cold. Keep track of where your livestock comes from, then research the general temperatures of the waters.
  14. Longevity of Iwasaki 70w 20 000k MH bulb.

    That is the usuable life. They will last much longer, but the par drops and so does light output. It equals about 2 years use at 8 hour days. Most of us change mh bulbs yearly to limit par loss and light shock.
  15. Whats your Tap Waters' TDS level?

    727 right now from the well + softener i should measure straight from the ground. Mokena, Illinois.