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  1. TREVRSWIRLdark2

    © Trevor Cuttriss
  2. My 20 gallon tank

  3. Common Clown Hosting GBTA

  4. i would get more than 1 of each
  5. IMGP0487

    and the tank is too small IMO
  6. IMGP0487

    that nem is very sick
  7. Nano Virgin

    Great tank, i'll be tagging along...
  8. another AIO. 10G soon to host an octopus.

    this is just sad.
  9. Fully cured live rock online?

    absolutely correct, you will never bring home 100% cured live rock, even if its local, there will be die off. use a bucket.
  10. you could clean off some of the diatoms, besides that, looking good. FTS perhaps?
  11. anything new with the tank?
  12. another AIO. 10G soon to host an octopus.

    octo in a 10=fail no matter how small That is the worst statement i have ever heard, it is not true. yes, you should.
  13. Modding the Nano Wave 9

    how's the tank doing?