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  1. Melafix Marine

    Im trying it as a coral dip currently. Performed two dips thus far and see no real changes. ( Two Five Minute Dips ) Once each day at the end of the light cycle two days in a row.
  2. Why do pepole keep flowerpot corals?

    I cant believe I read all this... I didn't know Gonis came with an expiry date...
  3. Need Some Expert Advice

    Holds 4000 lbs. Fasten it to the wall and try it out. Just don't spill !
  4. Acan recession issues

    I have just dealt with an identical problem with an identical looking colony, 40+ heads. Where are they located in you tank in relation to you lights ? I moved mine up to give them a little more light resulting in a lot more light than they required... placed them down on the substrate and look to be doing much better. Now that they are back down ( lower than they initially were before moving them up ) they are much happier and accepting food again. They had retracted to the point were the septa were poking through like yours, however they would not eat... took about a week to ten days for them to start eating again. EDIT: Very poor grammer...
  5. Mystery Tentacle ~ Sweeper ~ ?

    Thanks for all of the fast work, its appreciated
  6. Mystery Tentacle ~ Sweeper ~ ?

    Thats a positive ID THANKS !
  7. Mystery Tentacle ~ Sweeper ~ ?

    Yes appears attached, no waist as of yet... please excuse my crude drawing... badbrain.bmp
  8. Mystery Tentacle ~ Sweeper ~ ?

    It dosnt make sense though, the brain is now projectile vomiting into the current ???
  9. Mystery Tentacle ~ Sweeper ~ ?

    I can hardly focus my eye on it... its either clear or white, narrow like super fine thread...
  10. My 4" Open Brain appears to have a very difficult to see tentacle coming from it... I can hardly focus my eye on it... Its 12" long with equally spaced 1" tentacles extending from it, they are approx .5" apart. I thought it was just gelling or something but no... it retracts in and out and also appears to have the ability to move within the current... WTF is this. I have spent the last hour performing google search after google search... its coming from the flesh of the brain, not the mouths or coralites located around the mouth...
  11. Hands down ~ BEST DIY TO DATE !
  12. Starting a Dottyback Controversy

    Not this again...
  13. Starting a Dottyback Controversy

    I have 5 of them in quarantine with no signs of aggression at all. They have been in that tank for almost 2 months. They are being moved from an LFS display tank that was torn down. They were OK in there as well. Edit: INDIGO
  14. CoraLife AquaLight Pro

    You will have to contact Oceanic now, they bought that division of ESU. http://www.oceanicsystems.com/products/aqu...-pro-series.php If you fill out this form they should be in touch with you shortly. http://www.oceanicsystems.com/contact/ Or you can bring it in to any dealer and they should be able to help you out.