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  1. BIG 20 It's dog eat dog.

  2. What salt do you use and why?

    i prefer garlic salt on pizza.
  3. thinking about selling my main guitar since my preference in hobbies has switched from guitar to bmx. i won it on ebay beating out 26 other people for $850+shipping. i have babied this guitar and it is still exactly in the same condition i got in. would prefer not to sell it through feebay and will offer it for $700 shipped here. guitar comes with a newer upgraded Fender hard case and all the little extras like Fender strap, all the little wrenches still in bags, everything pictured below. guitar is completely stock from factory, pickups not changed, nothing customized except the Fender super bullet strings have been changed to Ernie Ball super slinkys. I have since removed the protective plastic over the pick guard since it was peeling off so the sticker on the front is no longer there. guitar is 95% mint condition, absolutely no scratches, dings, dents or gouges. only reason i wouldn't say 100% mint is the pick guard is a slightly different color under where the Fender sticker was from not receiving the same amount light during the years the sticker was still on. this is barely noticeable and can be fixed with a new plastic pickguard. Fender also did a sloppy job finishing the fretboard and there is some lacquer on the side of the frets that is flaking off (pictured below). it is only noticeable when looking very close, doesn't affect the playability at all and can be fixed by simply running a pick down the sides of the frets and scraping the rest off. it never bother me enough for me to do it.
  4. Pritzker Lecture, CA Academy of Sciences

    yeah, i'll be there.
  5. pH and Alkalinity off the charts!

    good job with the double post, champ.
  6. Macro algae

    algae needs light to live. i could be wrong, i haven't had a tank in years. i'm lost.
  7. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    hbd, i'm going to win so everybody can stop posting now.
  8. New Tank Cycling

    there's a dude on here jamesnmandy i think it was that would piss in new tanks to jumpstart a cycle.
  9. FS or FT mp40w es

    their warranty sucks. they should warranty it for 16 months from original purchase date if bought new. most things are this way. actually everything i can think of, coffee makers to furnaces. if you cannot provide proof of when it was purchased/installed, the warranty period starts automatically from manufacture date. i was just bustin' i have no interest in pumps. do me a favor though, contact them again and tell them scarfish thinks they suck. free bump
  10. FS or FT mp40w es

  11. FS: acans, zoas, chalice, macroalgae

    her avatar has been annoying the crap out of me for far too long now. free bump for good prices
  12. New Tank Cycling

    nitrites is a total waste of time to test. throw that bottle and card in the garbage. all you need to test is ammonia and nitrates. and you don't even need to worry about nitrates for about a month. just watch for a raise then lowering of your ammonia. when ammonia drops to zero, do a water change and then test nitrates to make sure it's at zero. if not, water change again.
  13. OT sale, coins and junk

    bump he didn't take it. it's still available if you want. $50 the perfect graded proof coins and the 1775 note is still available 'till they go on ebay this evening. if anyone is interested let me know before then. if you tell me you want something you have to take it 'cause i only do 24 hour auctions on ebay that end on a weekend evening. i don't want to have to wait 'till next weekend to ebay them. new item, 10 year proof set run 1984-1993. always sells on ebay for $8 or more plus shipping each. i'll do $7 shipped. again, 'cause i love you guys. $70 for the set shipped. doctaq, you have a package coming your way.
  14. OT sale, coins and junk

    sorry for the delayed response, i'm just waking up for work. PMing now. if payment is received by tomorrow afternoon, it will be mailed out tomorrow. $50 i'll get back to you tomorrow if he doesn't take. it he already paid, sorry