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  1. Cleaning out the garage... still have the Sunpod. I'll give it to someone locally for $100.
  2. I'm asking $200 plus shipping... Thanks!
  3. I'm bringing this back from the dead. I still have my Sunpod for sale. I have also have a Red Sea Test Kit, About 1/2 a 5 gallon bucket of Kent Salt, 5 or 6 various Kent chemicals and I also have the SeaSquirt Feeder. All of this stuff has been sitting in the closet for awhile now and I'm looking to get rid of everything.
  4. I dont even know where youre located. $275+shipping...
  5. Sorry... I would like $300 for everything. I also forgot to mention that whatever chemicals I have left and my red sea test kit are also included. Again sorry to those interested in the Sunpod only. I'm trying to sell everything at once. But it looks like I may have to sell it separately. Thanks for your patience.
  6. I'm selling my 24 gallon Aquapod with the original hood. I upgraded the fans in the hood. I also have the 150watt Sunpod. Also included is the black stand for the tank, a Stealth Heater and 1200 Maxijet, Red Sea Test kit and whatever other chemicals I have leftover. Thanks!
  7. I'm looking for a Sunpod 20" with 150 watts... Thanks!
  8. It has been tried and done many times. Check out Nanocustoms.com They sale fan kits for your tank. I purchased one and I'm happy with it.
  9. Over the weekend I bought the egg crate and and made the shelf to hold the filter floss. I'm actually using chemi-pure too. Seems to be working well for me. Before that cut the blue sponge in half and used that for skimming at the top.
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