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  1. was looking to start a saltwater tank again after being out of it for years and found this sight
  2. If I can find them here are some pics of my RFNs taken from my phone in a hurry
  3. Haven't posted much here lately been busy with work and things, I have another thread going about the 20L Vrs 20H I am going with the long, my idea is to move the contents from the 10 and the 6.9 into the 20L, I have been using black sand in the 10 and it doesn't look that good now, although I have added 2 RFN in it and they pop with the dark bottom it is starting to look real dirty though I know I was warned will be posting pics later this week thanks
  4. I have a 24 inch stand and the lighting is for a 24 in I have some t5's that would fit the 30 inch 20L but they are old. I let someone else use the 20L stand and would have to get it back.
  5. the tank is 16 inches deep and the light says it has 47 par and 1940 Lux at 18 inches I don't plan on doing any hard coral just some RFN's and a few soft's Thanks for all of the replies and help and I am leading toward the 20L just need to get the stand I let someone used.
  6. the light I have says it will light a 24 in deep tank
  7. I am thinking on setting up another tank going to transfer everything form my 10 gal to the larger tank. I have both tanks with enough sand and live rock for either one. Also I have a AC 70 set up as Refuse and another nano pump to move water around. I have the 24 to 34 in Fluval 3.0 led reef light. question is what one would you do.
  8. that's what I am thinking the light for the 20 is better the 10 is a nice little tank but the 20 is still a nano plus I have a 6.9 set up for a quarantine tank could put the live stock I have in there for a day or so to get the 20 running as you can see I am trying to talk myself into the larger tank
  9. The 10 is already set up but the 20 would let me put more livestock into it have to think it out.
  10. Tank is doing good haven't got a chance to post much lately but have ran into a problem someone has given me a 20 high trying to decide on up grading from the 10 to the 20 I have a stand lights and enough sand and rock to start it but would have to use stuff from the 10 to get it going. Should I up grade or keep what I have.
  11. can't wait until this weekend going to do my first fix I live about 80 miles from the LFS that stocks them
  12. joining the club will start on page 1 if I haven't join already
  13. have to find some in my area one of the LFS's has 2 but hardly any color in them