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  1. I saw an old post of you making some 3D printed lid hinges for the Aquapod 24. Do you still take requests for them?

  2. Aquapod Hinges

    I've added some extra thickness to reinforce an area that broke on my original. I can make you some. Look for a PM.
  3. Aquapod Hinges

    Presenting the Black Hinge!
  4. Aquapod Hinges

    I thought it appropriate to revive this thread and share a development. I acquired a 3D printer recently and designed a replacement hinge based on a picture of the original and measuring the aquarium. I have some pictures I wanted to share but they are with white filament. I just received my black filament in the mail and printed new hinges in black and they look great. The only flaw with the current design of the hinges is that the C part where the hood actually slides into is a bit high and leaves a gap between the hood and the tank. I am working on lowering it but for now it works great so my cords don't get pinched. Anyway Enjoy!
  5. Aquapod Hinges

    I had thought about doing that, but the problem is I built a custom LED fixture into the hood and I'd like to use it, plus I have two cats that inevitably would end up taking a bath! It's happened before.
  6. Aquapod Hinges

    Hey guys, I have been wanting a 3D printer and there is a chance that I might be able to buy one soon. I've designed a 3D STL file that is meant to mimic the original Aquapod HInge. I may have to start a new thread to get the answer but I'm looking for what kind of interest there is if I get a workable replacement hinge and offer them for sale? P.S. StevieT your aqupoad MEdiabasket is awesome. It fit perfectly and works great, thanks for such a good product and for the swedish fish!
  7. Aquapod Hinges

    Hey StevieT, I just ordered the media basket for the aquapod from your site. The product looks awesome and I can't wait to get it. Now I just need to keep looking for those hinges. Maybe I could 3D print one if I found a file for it!
  8. Aquapod Hinges

    Hey Stevie! It's been awhile since I've been on, glad to see your still here! I doubt I could make some that don't look obtrusive and I haven't seen any build ideas out there. I may just do the wtb option you mentioned that sounds like a good idea. I emailed Current USA and they said the same thing about the discontinuation but I had hoped being the manufacturer they would at least continue to support the most broken part of the unit.
  9. Aquapod Hinges

    I'm sure this has been beat to death but I can't seem to find any up-to-date information. Is there anyplace known to man to buy replacement hinges for the aquapod 24? I'm re-setting it up but have no hinges at all. Thanks!
  10. Hey everyone, it's been a while but what started almost 7 years ago as an aquapod 12g reef has since evolved into my current 110 reef setup with sump. We are now putting a bid on a house that has the absolutely perfect place for me to install our dream tank with plumbing down to the basement to run everything. I'm looking for a guide for a reef tank of this caliber. Is there anything out there that is a good rundown on what's recommended to be included in a setup like this? Ideally I'd like something that can go longer than needing weekly water changes and still be healty. If that means dosing then so be it. I have a Reefkeeper lite that I am considering upgrading to the elite or possibly switching to another system. Here are the topics I think I need the most asistance with: Sump (how big and what to use? (rubbermaid container vs aquarium) What to put in the sump? (Miracle mud/sand and rock/lots of cheato or all of the above) Protein skimmer suggestions looking around 200 gallons Easy way to get water changes done from the basement Light recommendation for over the sump cheato area How many tanks in the basement, 1 sump for rock/mud/cheato and 1 for the skimmer and sponges/socks? Thanks for any help guys!
  11. General questions

    It's been a while but I finally graduated and just moved back from college a month or so ago. During the moving process I upgraded my reef to a 110g and it's been great so far but I need some advice on a few points. Current setup: AquaC Remora Skimmer (now too small) 30g sump with socks, sponges, live rock, cheato and auto top off. 2x 250W metal halides 14k phoenix. Dosing Two part calcium/alkalinity 1) What snails do you recommend, I haven't gotten any yet but I'm getting to the point where I do need them. What would you recommend and how many? 2) I'm just upgraded my sump to a 30g and need ideas for skimmers that will fit into a space 13 x 8.5" and 28" tall space. Something good but I can't spend a ton on a skimmer, like $200 or less would be better but I'm open to others for the future. 3) What would you recommend running in the tank itself, carbon, gfe etc? I'm trying to get my water changes to monthly from every two weeks. 4) At this size can I get more than two clown fish? How about two Dwarf angels or a dwarf and a regular angel? Thanks everyone!
  12. Large Aqarium weight

    I have been wondering lately as I'm moving and getting a larger tank in the process how large of a tank can you have on a second story or a house with a basement before supports are needed to reinforcement. For specifics I'm looking at a 125 and though I haven't found a place to stay just yet, I've looked at an apartment that would be on the second floor but newly built and I don't know which way the trusses run either. The other couple places we've looked had no basement and were single story so no problems there but in case we end up in a second story or basemented place I want to know we'll be safe. Thanks for the help guys!
  13. LFS ID

    I'm kind of the same way, I like the odd and unusual as long as it's colorful. I've wanted one of those unique varieties of clownfish for a while but I know I still have to wait.
  14. LFS ID

    Dang, why are the sexy things always impossible to keep!?
  15. My heater died this past fall and dropped the tank down to 67 at night before I realized it in the morning and everything recovered just fine once I got a heater in there. I was surprised I thought I'd lose some stuff but nothing died, not even the elegance.