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  1. Can anyone help me ID these hitchhikers that I received on a frag recently? My initial thought was aiptasia, but they look different from other times I have seen them. They are a little under 1cm across in diameter and have a green fluorescence when under only royal blue LEDs. They are well embedded in the zoa colony and retract completely when bothered. I have also seen them retracted in a way similar to zoas (only the tentacles retracted, leaving a little bulb). There are 2 in the pic (dead center and right of the colony, facing out). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm quite new to reefing and had a few questions about my current lighting system. I have a 5.5g AGA that previously ran on a Current 36w T5HO and has recently been upgraded to a DIY 3CW + 3RB LED fixture (dimmable via meanwell). I would now like to future-proof this for a larger tank by adding more LEDs and separating the lights into two separately dimmable channels. I'd like to add 2CW, 2NW, and a cluster of red/cyan/violet/blue to help broaden the color spectrum (for a total of 14 LEDs). Is a set-up like this viable on such a small tank if it is dimmed low, or will it still be too strong (light is suspended ~4 inches from the egg-crate-covered top)? Also, does anyone have any suggestions for a flexible 6+ conductor cable I can use to hook everything up? I was thinking something like ethernet cable, but with larger gauged wire. If there's any other info that you need that will help, just let me know. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Hey everyone, my name's Jon and I'm new to the saltwater scene. After keeping a few freshwater tanks around the house I've decided to try my hand at a pico reef. I've done a bit of reading around these forums and have come up with a plan for setting up my tank. I was hoping some of you experienced reefers out there could check out my plan and give me some comments and suggestions. Tank: Betta 4-place (16w x 9h x 6.5d) Pretty similar to the standard 2.5g AGAs except it's a little taller and has enough space for four dividable sections, making it a little over 3 gallons. Lighting: 20in. Current Satellite 40w PC fixture with 50/50 bulb and moonlight. Filtration/movement: Mini-Jet 404 (20-106gph) with a Hydor FLO Rotating Deflector attached. An old Cascade 100 HOB filter (100gph) which is pretty much the equivalent to an AC20. The media space is fairly small, but I plan to use it as a mini-fuge containing some live rock rubble and chaeto. I also plan to have a Palm CF Light attached running on an opposite light cycle. Heating: 25w Stealth Heater. Substrate: 5lb bag of Ocean Direct Caribbean Live Sand from CaribSea. Approx. 4lbs of live rock from LFS. Water: Pre-mix from LFS (possibly filtered water from Scripps Pier). RO/DI from LFS for top-offs. Stocking: Eventually I'd like to keep easy, soft corals (and from my reading these would be zoas, mushrooms and some polyps, right?). I may want a goby of some kind, but I definitely want some sexy shrimp...I could watch those guys for hours. Then there's the cleaning crew which would consist of a hermit crab and a variety of the smaller snails. I'll make sure to have the tank set-up and running with only live sand and rock for about a month to cycle/cure before I begin to stock. I'm not sure if I forgot anything, but that is my basic plan to starting my first reef tank. Anything missing, anything I should do differently? If in the future I want to start up a 10g with similar stock, will the 40w fixture be sufficient? Also, what other good online resources (i.e. forums) are out there for me to do some reading up on? Thanks for checking out my plan and I look forward to hearing everyone's comments. Thanks in advance!