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  1. Worm ID please.

    Bristle worm, usually harmless detritivores:)
  2. Killer T5HO deal

    Love mine!
  3. 55g tank thread

    Thank you!
  4. 55g tank thread

  5. SOPRANOS on Ebay!

  6. Is this frogspawn or something else?

    Looks like something has been eating your frogspawn.
  7. Help please!

    run carbon, lots.
  8. Power to be turned off!

    I agree on the battery power air stones. Two is plenty, one would be enough. I ran two for 24 hours w/o electricity with no problems whatsoever on my 55. Nothing additional, 'cept some frozen bottles of water because I live in the south. +1 to what's the temp going to be like? If warm, leave the lights off that day.
  9. 55g tank thread

    Got these orange lunar palys a while back and they are looking nice! Favia/war coral- Chili pepper monti- Marley zoas- RPE's- Acans-this frag was $10 There are at least 12 heads counting babies!
  10. I somehow forgot the name of this coral....

    Psammacora? http://www.danj.com/reef/corals_detail.php?coral_id=98
  11. RC got OWNT

    I had nothing to do with it. RC is valuable for it's wealth of info and that's about it.
  12. RC got OWNT

    Yep the deleted the whole club, but we never used it. Our own forum lareefclub.com was/is so much better. They also banned a lot of members for basically proving a mod wrong.
  13. I somehow forgot the name of this coral....

    might be galaxia or maybe pavova. Though I'm just giving you a best guess.
  14. 55g tank thread

    Yep and for about a month now skimmerless I gotta fix that thing... just keep changing water.
  15. Black or Blue Pico round

    I hate my blue background, especially for pic taking.