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  1. SPS identification needed

    I'm planning on moving it very soon to give it a little room to stretch its legs.
  2. SPS identification needed

    Thanks VA!
  3. Need help identifying this.
  4. Light flicker w/reefkeeper lite

    Figured it out. Problem solved.
  5. Anybody have a problem with light flicker using a reefkeeper lite with ALC? If so, were you able to find a solution? I have a nano tuners 3.6 LED duo 1050 and can't seem to keep the lights from flickering after ramp up is complete.
  6. phosban reactor 150 instal on hood of Biocube 29

    how much media did you end up putting in the reactor?
  7. Problems with Phosban Reactor

    Try watching this video. Sounds like this guy was having the same problem you were having. He switched his Maxi900 to a Hydor Pico 400 and it seems to have done the trick. He starts the vidoe using the MJ900. Toward the end he updates the video and explains why he switched to the Hydor. Curious to hear what kind of results you get.
  8. Ohio reefers!

    There is a pretty good place i go to on W. Exchange close to downtown Akron. Its called Aquatic Interiors. Pretty good selection of fish and coral. There is also Two Turtles on Market in Highland Square. Good selection of salt and freshwater fish as well as corals and a decent amount of small frags. There close to me so i frequent them often. Take a peak.
  9. Are these a good beginner coral?

    It's a great beginner coral. I have always had success with high light and low flow. should be just fine with your lighting. maybe set the xenia up a little higher in the tank.
  10. 3.24 nanotuners upgrade

    I figured that was the case but wanted to be sure. Thanks Nick!
  11. 3.24 nanotuners upgrade

    I just read through Nanotuners 3.24 upgrade instructions. Everything looks pretty easy except for one thing. What happens to the yellow wires? I read through it a couple times thinking I had missed something and was unable to find the answer. Anybody? BC14.
  12. *** StevieT Feedback ***

    Received my media rack and fish saver for my BC14 yesterday afternoon. Fast shipping and very easy install. What a great product! Thanks Stevie!!
  13. anyone around the cleveland,ohio area?

    Have you tried Aquatic Interiors in Akron? Usually has quite a bit of stuff there.
  14. Hood on my Aquapod 12g has been giving me some problems as of late. I have given up on it and am trying to just replace the hood. Any ideas on where I might be able to find one?
  15. Big Tank, Big Problems.

    What is going to happen to the tank when you get a job and move out of your parents house? Sounds like the problem might be waiting to happen again.