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  1. DAP

    MetroKat's Reefer: Need About Tree Fiddy

    Hey Kat, Love the rabbit in the freshwater tank 😀 What size is the tank?
  2. Awesome tank! Where did you get that stand ?
  3. DAP

    Kellie's IM 25 Lagoon

    Love your tank! and your stand is incredible.
  4. DAP

    Kat's METROpolitan: Retired May 2018

    Ahhhh, the smell of a freshly torn down tank......... I can almost smell it through the computer screen....... ? Congrats on all of your awesome happenings !
  5. DAP

    Drew's IM 10 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank

    What intensity do you run your light? corals have really grown, and that pic with the blennies is so cool
  6. That sucks Sancho, maybe an excuse to BIG....?
  7. My family spends wwwaaayyy too much money at Amazon. I downloaded our year to date purchases and totaled them up............................ just over twenty three thousand between a pair of married couples. It was all just small stuff that adds up quick.
  8. DAP

    Rebuilding the Shallow Reef Tank Pt.2

    Chalice. I had a chalice take out a montipora.
  9. I disagree with the VW statement. Have had VW's since I could drive. Many have went over 200,000 miles with regular maintenance. I do agree with the Subaru statement though. My next ride is either going to be a Tiguan or a Forester. Like Sancho mine will be lease for the wife as well, so I think it is going to come down to letting the dollars make the desicion.
  10. DAP

    New design in the work!

    Corner frag rack ?
  11. DAP

    Brad's ADA 60f Mangrove Tunnel

    Looking awesome!