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  1. What temperature do you keep the water?
  2. I am definitely digging the nursery!
  3. WOW, thats an awesome video. Tank looks great.
  4. Did you get the brooklyn series? Thats what I have and I just velcroed a piece of wood to the side, and mounted everything to that. I used serious heavy duty velcro, marine grade. I also put some hooks with command strips on the underside of the top of the stand, and used those to hold some of the wiring. The metal the stand is made of, is so thin, I did not want to drill it into it, or even use self tapping screws.
  5. I have one covering half of my 20 long. It is 5" above the water. All of my softies love it. My Zoas and mushrooms are multiplying. I am running it at max 50 percent intensity. I am also growing a red cyphastrea under it. It is growing pretty quick. It can easily cover an 18 by 18 area.
  6. I think black sand on the top level and white sand on the bottom level would look neat! Maybe a strip of black abs plastic. Would be thinner and may be easier for the sand to hold in place without worrying about the acrylic warping ???
  7. That's sad
  8. Tank is looking awesome! And that pic is hilarious.
  9. used for less than one month
  10. How about now? Edit. Guess not. Lol
  11. Did that money plant just appear one day in the middle of the new "chunky gorg"?
  12. Purchased beginnng of November. $88.00 Including Shipping Link for info: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3578+4588+34954&pcatid=34954 Thanks for looking
  13. Michelangelo ........... My turtle equivalent when it comes to PIZZA........ LOL
  14. WOW, I like that waspfish ! Does she require live food?
  15. Tank is still looking good. Looks like your corals got their color back ?? Question about your auto top off switch. What happens if a snail would crawl on it?