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  1. Option 2 Use a better salt mix, and just keep changing the water as you have been. Try Red Sea Coral Pro. Try that before doing anything else. I have a 10 gallon, which holds 8 gallons of water after rock, etc, and I have been changing 60 percent weekly with Red Sea Coral Pro Salt, and it has been fine. I have mostly LPS, with a few SPS. Everything has been fine. Tank has been running for over a year, and while my SPS probably doesnt grow as fast as others, it is noticeable growth and it is healthy.
  2. Hey Kat, Love the rabbit in the freshwater tank 😀 What size is the tank?
  3. Love your tank! and your stand is incredible.
  4. Ahhhh, the smell of a freshly torn down tank......... I can almost smell it through the computer screen....... 😂 Congrats on all of your awesome happenings !
  5. What intensity do you run your light? corals have really grown, and that pic with the blennies is so cool
  6. Chalice. I had a chalice take out a montipora.
  7. WOW. so many fish. Nice vids and pics. The Maldives is a destination I want to visit one day
  8. Awesome. What size steel did you use to hold up the canopy
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