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  1. JavaJacketOC

    WTB Red Sea 170 SYSTEM

    Looking for a red sea 170 tank and stand, open to the nano as well. Open to similar setups with a sump as well, 18x18x18, 20x20x20 or something along those lines. Needs to be in decent condition, dirty is fine as long as there are no major defects.Didn't see anything in the for sale ads.Please PM or text with what you have and are asking.Located in North OC, California. willing to pick up.Thanks,Justin 562.652.8202
  2. JavaJacketOC

    Indo Social Fairy Wrasse?

    It's definitely not a social fairy wrasse.Could be a juvenile of something else, lots of immature wrasses look kinda plain. The orange accents lead me to agree with you on the female flame wrasse.
  3. JavaJacketOC

    WTB: Siporax and Neotherm

    Anyone have a couple cups some Siporax laying around they want to sell? I'm open to any of the sizes (cylanders or balls), I'm setting up a small FW Planted tank want want to replace the ceramic media provided with something a little bit better. Also looking for a 25w or 50w neotherm heater. Feel free to text if it's easier. Justin 562.652.8202
  4. JavaJacketOC

    WTB: Custom Acrylic Tank

    Thank you. I've ordered from them in the past and haven't had the best experience.
  5. JavaJacketOC

    Java's Artisan II 70 - Lots of Pics and Growth

    Had to take this guy down Had a mild crash about 8 months ago and nothing ever really recovered. I had growth but really poor colors and would randomly lose stuff...couldn't figure it out and couldn't correct it. Going to work on a small, low tech freshwater planted tank until I'm able to devote time to something bigger.
  6. JavaJacketOC

    WTB: Custom Acrylic Tank

    I had to take down my 70 gallon and have decided to work on a small, low tech freshwater tank. The area I have for the tank would work well with with the AquaMaxx 9.1 but I would like something slightly larger if possible and acrylic. Anyone making acrylic tanks? I don't care if you make them out of your garage for fun as long as it's good quality. Looking for Approx 24"x11"x11" / No Overflow, just a long box that holds water. Please PM if this is something you're interested in building for me. Thanks!
  7. JavaJacketOC

    The I Love Inverts Thread.

    That's scary
  8. JavaJacketOC

    Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: **RIP**

    What kind of fairy wrasse did you get this time?
  9. JavaJacketOC

    The I Love Inverts Thread.

    That gorilla is cute, is he named Harambe? KIDDING
  10. JavaJacketOC

    Best way to cut stem off frag plug?

    If it's ceramic you can just use a pair of pliers and crush it or snap it off, they break pretty easily.
  11. JavaJacketOC

    Lighting for a DEEEEEP fish only system

    I would think something with 60 or 40 degree lenses would work fine as well and you'd probably get less spotlighting. Maybe a Reef Breeders style light with 40 degree optics?
  12. JavaJacketOC

    Kat's Birthday Party

    It's pretty.
  13. JavaJacketOC

    Can u put salt in another bucket for storage

    I use the food grade white buckets from Home Depot, you can buy an special lid that has a gasket on it and it seals pretty nicely.
  14. JavaJacketOC

    Kat's Birthday Party

    Not worth the hassle of moving everything over I assume?
  15. JavaJacketOC

    jacks cube -an unfinished story

    Thanks, trying to get it back to solid growth and nice color again...probably gonna take a while. I put in a floating deck, had to re-pot all my Japanese Maples and set up a drip irrigation system. Some other small stuff too but just lots of crap. I want to build a pergola over the concrete slab on my patio but apparently it's a act of congress between my HOA and the city, kinda gave up on it for now, lol. Any recent FTS's? Edit: Found one, looking nice.