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  1. Hi All, I'm looking for a simple ATO that is not float switch based. Open to any brand in good condition. Prefer to pick up in North OC but open to shipping. Please PM what you have and asking price. Thanks, Justin
  2. Put some brightwell bio media in there. You've got room for more filtration.
  3. Oh I see it now. It was late, I was tired!
  4. I realized I only have 1 small tenuis frag in my tank and love the growth pattern of them so looking for a 1 or 2 more. I know there are a lot of fancy named tenuis out there and I am not opposed to them if reasonably priced. Mostly looking for a well started frag or small colony of something that has a nice base color with contrasting polys. Doesn't have to be a WD or Orange Passion (although I wouldn't say no to a reasonably priced OP ), just something decently pretty.Looking to pick up in the North OC area, don't want to drive more than 30 min as there aew a few vendors near me that have some options...just prefer to buy from other hobbyists before going retail.Please PM or text what you have, size, asking price and where you're located. Thanks,Justin562.652.8202
  5. How are you liking the Carpenters? I've had both, Carpenters tend to live longer for me. I almost bought a McCoskers but it was only about 2/3 the size of my Carpenters and I was worried about fighting
  6. Are you adding it to an established tank? If the rock is still producing ammonia then it is not completely cycled. If you add it to a tank that has a stable bacteria colony, it will most likely be able to processes the additional ammonia you're adding but you could see a mini cycle. I would probably let it keep cycling until there is no more ammonia registering.
  7. If it doesn't leak, it's worth. you can test the membrane performance fairly easily after you replace all of the other filters. Just don't hook up the DI then do a pre and post filter TDS check. If you're getting 98%+ rejection, you don't need to replace the membrane yet. I have the spectrapure membrane that is 99% rejection and it's getting near 3 years now and still performing well.
  8. Researching them now, doesn't look like they'd do well in a SPS bare-bottom tank 😞
  9. I have a Refer 170. I don't think I would get the Nano unless you really want something small. What are you wanting to keep? I love my tank with the exception of the drain gig...I've had a really hard time tuning in it. Most don't seem to have this problem but those that do (like me) seem to have the issue consistently. It gets old after a while. Other than this, it's a pretty tank.
  10. Pics or it didn't happen! I've seen a wide range on price for Sunburst, just depends on the time of year and amount available. If it looks healthy and is a good size you shouldn't have any issues. I think I remember reading that they have a slower metabolism than most anthias so kind of helps when they're not super fast to eat.
  11. Definitely possible that I experienced a "stall" mentioned in the sources provided, I hadn't seen either of these documents before. I did experience a 19 day timeline for nitrites to completely convert to nitrate two tanks ago. Maybe not the norm and possibly "stalled" but I'm not sure how my personal experience could be considered wrong. Thanks for the link.
  12. I'm not sure I agree with nitrites stalling a cycle....the ability to convert from nitrite to nitrate is an important part of the process and having sufficient bacterial loads for each stage of the cycle is important to prevent spikes in a newly established tank. I wouldn't worry about it, I would continue adding small doses of ammonia and test every couple days. You can do a water change to remove excess nitrites but the bacteria population is still going to have to be build up in order to maintain a balanced cycle. I think the example SaltyBuddha provided is a fair option but when I've cycled tanks, nitrite has always been the longest stage of the process...sometimes two or three weeks.
  13. You should wait until you're seeing a complete quick conversion from Ammonia to Nitrate (within 24 hours, or sooner). Nitrite can be the stall a lot of the time, the bacteria has to build in order to convert from Nitrite to Nitrate. It's important to have a consistent food source for the bacteria similar to what you will have when you start adding love stock. You can accomplish this several ways but for example, if you plan to add 1 small fish and you expect to feed a small ping of food per day, you can do that now to keep the bacteria fed and build up the right amount of bacteria for when you add the first inhabitants. It looks like you've adding a lot of starter bacteria but I believe the general rule is a bottle at start and a bottle once the cycle is complete, or something along those lines (Dr. Tims). If you keep adding bacteria and there is nothing for it to eat it'll die, convert to ammonia and continue your cycle but it's probably better to continue adding some ammonia source each day to increase your Ammonia converting bacteria. Once the Nitrite converting bacteria get established, everything will happen pretty quickly.