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  1. JavaJacketOC

    I'm on the fence... Hmmmm

    What seller on ebay has them for 27.00?? That's a great deal even for a jebao pump. SW-4s move a lot of water. I think it's probably fine alone unless you're planning to keep a lot of SPS.
  2. Looking for frags of Garf/Purple Bonsai, Red Planet and a nice looking monti Setosa. PM or text what you have and asking price. Local pick up preferred but open to shipping. Thanks, Justin 562.652.8202
  3. JavaJacketOC

    kinetic Red Sea Reefer 170

    What are you running your light at?
  4. JavaJacketOC

    Harry’s Reefer 350

    What salt brand are you using?
  5. JavaJacketOC

    FS/FT: Reef Octopus 110int Skimmer

    Bump, open to reasonable offers.
  6. JavaJacketOC

    Monti Cap Acclimation

    Not sure if I read it correctly but it looks like your UV is a lot higher than where it came from. I've heard a lot of concerns about UV burning corals...between that and the parameter shifts it may just be struggling. I would try and put it in a shady area and if necessary, cut away all of the dying material in an effort to save a smaller section that's still alive.
  7. JavaJacketOC

    FS/FT: Reef Octopus 110int Skimmer

    Bump, this guy need a new tank to skim, open to trades for: ATO Reservoir SPS frags Dosing pump RW-4 or RW-8 sized pumps or similar brands
  8. JavaJacketOC

    Encrusting Corals

  9. JavaJacketOC

    AI Prime HD - Pirates of the Caribbean or AB+

    Probably based on your preferences and what you're keeping. The AI site as a lot of really good presets
  10. I have a used Reef Octopus 110int Skimmer that I no longer have use for. I used it for a few weeks before buying another Reef Octopus with a footprint that works better for my sump. The intake for the pump was broken off at the body of the skimmer, reconnected with Weldon # 4 and allowed to cure 48 hours before seeing water. The break was clean and easily repaired. There was a small crack in the body that I spread Weldon over as well. The collection cup has a couple chips and cracks as well. Despite all the imperfections, everything works perfectly and this thing skims like a beast.Asking $65.00 cash or equivalent payment type. Pick up in Yorba Linda, SoCalOpen to trades for an ATO Reservoir or SPS frags.PM or text. 562.652.8202Thanks, Justin
  11. JavaJacketOC

    WTB crocea clams

    Now a huge shipment of crocea's has to hit the market, lol
  12. JavaJacketOC

    WTB: ATO Reservoir

    Looking for a good condition ATO Reservoir between 2.5-5 gallons in white or clear, strong preference for white. If you have a complete ATO system I'm open to that as well.
  13. JavaJacketOC

    Fire sale. Hanna checkers apex stuff and more.

    So sorry to hear that you were impacted by the fires.Good luck with sales!
  14. Looking for either of these skimmers used and in good shape. I can pick up within reasonable distance of North OC. Open to shipping if total cost is reasonable.Please PM or text what you have and asking price. Thanks.Justin562.652.8202
  15. JavaJacketOC

    Help clean acrylic tank

    Try Vinegar, if you can let it soak on the area for 15 min or so it should help. If you can't contain the vinegar you can soak a rag in it and rest it on the area