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  1. JavaJacketOC

    Indo Social Fairy Wrasse?

    It's definitely not a social fairy wrasse.Could be a juvenile of something else, lots of immature wrasses look kinda plain. The orange accents lead me to agree with you on the female flame wrasse.
  2. JavaJacketOC

    WTB: Siporax and Neotherm

    Anyone have a couple cups some Siporax laying around they want to sell? I'm open to any of the sizes (cylanders or balls), I'm setting up a small FW Planted tank want want to replace the ceramic media provided with something a little bit better. Also looking for a 25w or 50w neotherm heater. Feel free to text if it's easier. Justin 562.652.8202
  3. JavaJacketOC

    WTB: Custom Acrylic Tank

    Thank you. I've ordered from them in the past and haven't had the best experience.
  4. JavaJacketOC

    Java's Artisan II 70 - Lots of Pics and Growth

    Had to take this guy down Had a mild crash about 8 months ago and nothing ever really recovered. I had growth but really poor colors and would randomly lose stuff...couldn't figure it out and couldn't correct it. Going to work on a small, low tech freshwater planted tank until I'm able to devote time to something bigger.
  5. JavaJacketOC

    WTB: Custom Acrylic Tank

    I had to take down my 70 gallon and have decided to work on a small, low tech freshwater tank. The area I have for the tank would work well with with the AquaMaxx 9.1 but I would like something slightly larger if possible and acrylic. Anyone making acrylic tanks? I don't care if you make them out of your garage for fun as long as it's good quality. Looking for Approx 24"x11"x11" / No Overflow, just a long box that holds water. Please PM if this is something you're interested in building for me. Thanks!
  6. JavaJacketOC

    The I Love Inverts Thread.

    That's scary
  7. JavaJacketOC

    Harry’s Riddikulus Reefer 350: **NewPhotos**

    What kind of fairy wrasse did you get this time?
  8. JavaJacketOC

    The I Love Inverts Thread.

    That gorilla is cute, is he named Harambe? KIDDING
  9. JavaJacketOC

    Best way to cut stem off frag plug?

    If it's ceramic you can just use a pair of pliers and crush it or snap it off, they break pretty easily.
  10. JavaJacketOC

    Lighting for a DEEEEEP fish only system

    I would think something with 60 or 40 degree lenses would work fine as well and you'd probably get less spotlighting. Maybe a Reef Breeders style light with 40 degree optics?
  11. JavaJacketOC

    Kat's Birthday Party

    It's pretty.
  12. JavaJacketOC

    Can u put salt in another bucket for storage

    I use the food grade white buckets from Home Depot, you can buy an special lid that has a gasket on it and it seals pretty nicely.
  13. JavaJacketOC

    Kat's Birthday Party

    Not worth the hassle of moving everything over I assume?
  14. JavaJacketOC

    jacks cube -an unfinished story

    Thanks, trying to get it back to solid growth and nice color again...probably gonna take a while. I put in a floating deck, had to re-pot all my Japanese Maples and set up a drip irrigation system. Some other small stuff too but just lots of crap. I want to build a pergola over the concrete slab on my patio but apparently it's a act of congress between my HOA and the city, kinda gave up on it for now, lol. Any recent FTS's? Edit: Found one, looking nice.
  15. JavaJacketOC

    jacks cube -an unfinished story

    I looks like it's probably cool under 14-16k. I didn't die but have been working on the house a lot. Also, something bad happened to my tank...dunno what but I lost ALL of my monti caps, my turquoise fire digitata and a few other acros.....really sad. I think whatever the issue is has been resolved but going to do some large water changes and run a boat load of carbon.