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  1. Agree, I have had the same luck. Two peppermint shrimp in my 35 gallon and one in my 8g and then all aiptasia gone.
  2. Wow, nice tank and setup. I like the lighting, it looks great. Badass dog too.
  3. vid of the conch... yup, finally get to see him moving
  4. lol, totally agree. I needed to have some fun, and the wine just made it that much better! Frame built for my lighting! I just need to cut a hole in the rear for the cables, stain it black, and then polyurethane it for protection.
  5. Here it is, the lights on my tank at the office! I still need to make a frame or hood for the top. Pics coming soon!
  6. Alright, here we go! Didn't have beer, so I had some wine. A must for a build like this. In the picture is the heatsink with lights, wiring all done, connected directly to a project box that I purchased today for $4. Drilled some holes into the box for the two power cords, two cords going to the lights, and two for the potentiometers you see on the cover. The box also holds the two dimmable drivers mounted to the bottom of the box. Wine, lights, and almost done Close up of the project box Top view of everything Next round of photos are of the lights on. Honestly, I couldn't wait to try this out on a tank. I have a 35 gallon that I am currently building a hood for. I have a second set of DIY LEDs that I bought just for this tank. The one going on the tank will have 36 LEDs and set 7" above the water line. As you can see, I'm excited and impatient to see how the lights look on a tank. Impatience... I set the lights on top of the stock cover that comes with stock crappy lights on most tanks How five LEDs look on a 35 gallon... 18 inch height on the tank Close up of the left side of the tank (like everyone else using their iPhone to take photos, I can't get the white balance right and it does the lights no justice This is just too much fun...
  7. I love the mountain look of the rubble. Nice LEDs too! Please keep us updated when you throw some livestock in there!
  8. Quick reply from Intank. They are sending me a replacement. Super quick reply and really nice service. I just hope this one does well. Will report back when I find install the new one.
  9. Cost was $70 plus shipping. I had gotten two kits though. So shipping costs will be different for you depending on what you get. I got 36 LED light kit for my 35 gallon at home and the 14 LED kit for the office. The office one is here. LEDs are 3w a piece. Also, there's a link on the site for other LEDs you can swap to. The guy who owns this site is Ray. Super nice guy and gets back to you through emails very well. He can recommend setups and lights. I just ordered the standard sets with white and blues. Some people on reefcentral have made their own custom setups with different colors of lights. Also, you can add different lenses for different lighting angles. I think they have 30, and 60 degree caps. I took the standard caps they sent. Aquastyles is awesome. They gave me thermal heat plaster, a ton of wiring, cable clips, and four EXTRA spare LEDs. You can see that I set up my heatsink with 15 lights total. That's because I took an extra spare LED and used it to fill up the heatsink. The only thing missing for me was some spider cable wrap and some heat shrink. I'm lucky though. I work at a company that has an engineering team in the back. They had some extra laying around and I cleaned up the wiring coming from the heatsink this morning. All I need now is the project box and a drill press so I can hide the drivers, and mount my potentiometers to.
  10. I bought a 10w submersible light for my refugium in my 8g Biocube. It's an option to be used with the InTank Mediabasket. I put the light in last night, and it shorted on me within a min or two. It looks like water entered the "waterproof" light, and the bulb rocketed into the glass cover. Honestly, this is bad. But, I'd like to see if I am the only one who has encountered this? Anyone else have this happen to them??? Light I bought here Result of the short
  11. alrighty, I got my kit from Aquastyleonline! 14 LEDs: 7 royal blue, 7 white on a 5" x 12" heatsink, all controlled by two dimmable drivers! One string all white, the other all blue. Heatsink with LEDs all wired up! Blue wires are the Royal Blue string, Black wires are the white LEDs Driver ready to be installed into a radio shack project box And lastly, my pots that I will install into the project box for light control I have to say that everything came quick. Three days from Hong Kong to Massachusetts. Also, superb packing and they give you a ton of stuff to get this DIY kit done right. More pics to come...
  12. Everyone, I got a used 8G biocube without any directional tubing or flares for the return pump post Chamber 3. I bought some 1/2" ID loc-line thinking I could attach it directly to the 1/2" OD return piping. This does not work. What can I do to attach my loc-line to my return piping?
  13. Sure, thing will do. I need to add my lights before I put up more pics. And, need to order some rock to scape. The lighting system I will be adding will be the DIY dimmable light kit from aquastyleonline.com I bought the 14 LED kit with the 12" heatsink. I'm currently waiting for delivery (Fri) and trying to form a plan on how I am going to get it on the tank. Not sure if I'm going to build a hood out of wood, or use a simple system where I just lay it on top of the tank. The tank came with a custom glass top that fits on the Biocube. If I go the second route, I might just sit the heatsink and lights on a square aluminum frame for some clearance. It won't be clean though, so I may go with building a hood.
  14. Ah, lol. Patriots, I went to a game a few weeks before...