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  1. Led overlap

    PAR is additive, so if you have 50 PAR at the edge of one fixtures area of illumination, and overlap it with the same setup, you get 100 PAR (or near enough).
  2. [help] Canisters & Lily Pipes

    Some of it will depend on how much head pressure you have from tubing, media, etc... Probably the easiest approach would be to use a variable DC pump and just tune the flow to suit your needs. Some have had great luck with the Jaebao pumps, but others have had reliability issues (they are cheap though). The Current USA pumps are new, but at least have a US customer service presence. There are others too, but more expensive.
  3. [help] Canisters & Lily Pipes

    You certainly aren't the first for wanting the clean look of lily pipes. It just a shame that the pumps for the canisters aren't a little more aggressive with the flow. It would be nice to see a reef version of a canister filter. I've used the Cobalt canister (hence the recommendation not to use it) for freshwater, and thought about putting two pumps in parallel to get the flow up to a point more conducive for a nano reef, but it wasn't worth the headache considering the priming issues I had. Another option was to make your own. There is a thread in the DIY forum about making a sump out of a 5 gallon bucket with a water tight lid. At least that way you can put whatever pump you like in there. Are you going to use one of the Hydor inline heaters? I have the 100W version and it works pretty nicely. Just keep in mind that they use metric fittings, so imperial tubing is a tight fit. Lily pipes come in inflow and outflow versions (you will need one of each). If you want some really nice ones, check out what Cal Aqua Labs offers. Lots of different sizes and styles, but a little spendy. At least you can look at the different option that are available. There are many off brand lily pipe sets on eBay that will work. The big difference between the name brand and off brand versions is typically the strength of things like the nipples for the suction cups, and the cuts for the intake grills. Name brands will be stronger and more consistent.
  4. [help] Canisters & Lily Pipes

    If it's not going to be the primary source of flow, then really you can use any size you like. Just size the canister for the amount of mechanical and chemical filtration you want. Just keep in mind that these will require more maintenance than a typical filter. If it is going to be the primary source of flow (I don't recommend that), then you need as big of a canister as you can afford, which will use larger lily pipes. I don't recommend the Cobalt canister filter. The concept is good, with the pump being external, but it's a pain to prime as a result. Just stick with one with the pump integrated into the canister. As for the lily pipes, take your pick. Just size them appropriately for the canister tubing size. Common sizes are 13mm (1/2" tube) and 17mm (5/8" tube). The lily pipes will be a little oversize for imperial tubing and will make for a tough fit, but if you heat the ends of the vinyl tube in hot water, they become a little more pliable. Is there a particular reason you want to use a canister filter?
  5. Hydor Koralia 240 & 425 On/Off Cycling

    The newer Korallias were designed specifically with wave makers in mind. They are supposed to be a lot more durable, and won't start in reverse.
  6. PAR38 with controller?

    There are no PAR38's on the market that have adjustable color (I'm not counting RGB lamps as applicable to reef applications) that I'm aware of. Closest you can get with a similar size and shape is from Kessil.
  7. Yes, you will need to build another circuit to actually flash the LEDs. The MP3204 is only a constant current LED driver. No, you won't be able to drive 6 LEDs with the MP3204. If you read the datasheet for the part, it clearly states 5 LEDs maximum at 20mA. If you actually give us some details about what you are trying to do, then we can make some recommendations.
  8. How to adjust Lumia 5.2 color temperature?

    Not much you could do to it to increase PAR/PUR without dramatic changes to the setup. I'm not a huge fan of the cyan/turquoise and blue being lumped together on the same channel, but I can think of worse combinations on a single channel. Lime would be nice, but they don't come in a 3535 format (to make it a direct drop in).
  9. DIY LED info

    Those kits work, and they are cheap, but the LED color selection leaves something to be desired. RapidLED has a bunch of different kits that you can get dimmable and non-dimmable with a much better LED color setup that will really make the tank and corals look good. I didn't provide a link as I don't know what tank you are trying to light, but if you go to www.rapidled.com, I'm sure you will find something. Unfortunately, these kits are more expensive, but much higher quality.
  10. Aging LEDs contribute to algae growth?

    LEDs can degrade over time, provided that the temperatures are at the upper limits or slightly over what they can tolerate. It's generally only white LEDs that really show the most change, as it's the phosphor that degrades, and it will shift warmer. Is that enough to start creating cyano issues? Most likely not, as the white LEDs typically only play a relatively small part in the spectral content of a typical reef light. But, it's always time for another Nanbox
  11. Hi, and welcome. Not sure if you realize this, but this forum is aquarium related, and not general LED. But, we can help. You didn't give a lot of details as to what you were trying to do, and with what LEDs. The MP3204 is an LED driver that is intended to drive up to 5 LEDs in series at a maximum of 20mA. Please also be aware that you can't just use the chip as is. It's part of a buck converter, and will require a few support components, like inductors, capacitors, and resistors. The values of those parts will vary with what you are trying to do. This chip alone will also not flash the LEDs. You would need another circuit tied to the enable pin on the MP3204 to generate the square wave used to flash the LEDs on and off. A pwm generator can be made from a 555 timer.
  12. How to adjust Lumia 5.2 color temperature?

    It's more likely that they just wanted to keep the array square and those LEDs were limited to 700mA
  13. No, something is wrong with it. Take the front shroud off and make sure that the impeller axle is inserted into the bushings on both ends properly (one will be in the motor cavity, the other in the front shroud)
  14. RB's for 300 gallon

    I tend to suggest you avoid eBay for this. Stick with brands that have a reputation of good quality, good LED mix, and good customer support. It's the LED selection more than anything. A lot of the Chinese resellers on eBay just don't have the right LED mix (still using high kelvin whites, etc...). Amazon sells MarsAqua and Galaxy Hydro fixtures, and those are pretty well reviewed.
  15. Blue LED current

    It's all about die temperature. If the LEDs are rated for that current, then there is no reason that you can't run that high if you can get the heat out.