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  1. Cherokee's IM Fusion 25 Lagoon Update 1/26

    No its not that one Ill get some pics of it tonight. Ill test my phosphates as well tonight and see where they are at as well. Thanks for the help and sharing your experience, greatly appreciated.
  2. Sleeping with the Fishes [a pe(s)t project]

    Absolutely. I feed them Mysis and Oyster eggs mixed with tank water spot fed. I alternate those two. I do feed the tank oyster feast as well at night one drop with an MP10 for displacement around the tank. The funny thing is its recessing on one side but has three new baby heads on the other so I'm at a loss. Just testing with the skimmer off to see if this helps this one as well as how my other corals react with it off. I maintain 20% water changes weekly for nutrient export. I thought I might be starving them a little with weekly water changes and running a skimmer 24/7. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.
  3. Sleeping with the Fishes [a pe(s)t project]

    Those Hornets are gorgeous. Sorry to hear about the plate though. I just turned my skimmer off yesterday, had some recession on an acan and wanted to see what would happened if I left more nutrients in the water to see if it fixed it. Hopefully it helps.
  4. WTB MP10WES or WQD

    Looking for another MP10 have an ES that's not wireless and looking for a wireless one. Thanks
  5. WTB Apex WXM (orange label)

    Anybody got one they don't need?
  6. FS: Apex AFS and WXM Modules

    Is the WMX still available?
  7. FS: Apex AFS and WXM Modules

  8. Sleeping with the Fishes [a pe(s)t project]

  9. Looking for an IM Desktop Media Reactor.
  10. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Purchased an Artfully Acrilic just hasn't showed up yet.
  11. Sleeping with the Fishes [a pe(s)t project]

    Can't wait to see it!
  12. I Think I Need A Bigger Tank!

  13. Cherokee's IM Fusion 25 Lagoon Update 1/26

    I still have both my Green Banded Gobies. so definitely another Yasha Goby and shrimp pair. Hopefully a pair of Phantom Clowns. Options are limited with a small tank. I want something that will swim around the tank that I can keep in a 25. I had a pair of chromis but took them back to the LFS.
  14. Cherokee's IM Fusion 25 Lagoon Update 1/26

    So awesome news tank got Ich YEAAAHHH!!!!!. So now I have two tanks display has to go fishless for 10 weeks for the Ich to die off. Not a huge deal but could've definitely gone without it. Treating the fish with Cupramine lost my Yasha Goby. Not to Ich, he decided to vacate his watery residence for a new home on my granite countertop (the tank had a lid). Anyway tank and corals are doing great.
  15. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Finnex HMX 100W Heater with Digital Controller Fits perfect in the back and has a controller built in. Its the one I have installed in between my two return pumps in the middle return chamber.