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  1. Haha, fiiinnnneeeee, Ill include some progress pictures along the way just for you
  2. Thanks Weet. Give me a few months for everything to color up and Ill post up more pictures again
  3. Finally got off my lazy ass and did some work with my water changing setup. Its not quite finished yet as I need to add another pipe connecting the 2 pails together at the bottom. But I will wait till my next water change as they are full of water right now and dont want waste it. My idea is that with them connected, water level on both pails will be the same. I have a pump on the left pail and the output of the pump is fed into the right pail via the PVC piping you see in the picture below. That way the pump will circulate the water in both pail and and mix the water when I add the salt. Once the water is fully mixed, I can shut off the valve on the right, connect a hose to the barb and open up the valve after the T and water will be pumped to my tank. Once I finish up my water change, I will fill the pails back up with fresh RODI water and I can fill up my top off water container easily by just flipping a switch and opening a valve. This saves me from carrying buckets ever again, making water changes a breeze.
  4. Its been a month and a half since the move and Im happy to say my corals are beginning to bounce back. Ive kept up with water changes and been doing 50% every 2 week. All my corals seem to like it and have crazy polyp extension. The new growth have pretty good coloration and some corals are getting their colors back. Gonna be a while before my tank is presentable again, but Im positive. Heres some of the more presentable ones These I bought after the move. They are Australian corals which costed an arm and a leg, but theyve kept their color pretty well Heres a quick snap of what my tank looks like right now
  5. They are perfect for small to medium tanks, have a look at my review. Its basically the same pump but with a different name
  6. I heard using hydrogen peroxide for the rocks, but not the sand, but the concept is the same so I cant see why it wouldnt work. I would suggest you get some heavy duty chemical resistant gloves and go in and stir up the sand a few times during your soak just to make sure the peroxide is doing its job and killing all organics throughout the sand and not just the top layer.
  7. Well this took WAY longer than expected. Spend 2 days moving everything to the new place, another 2 just to set my tank up. My back is done for, my arms are like spaghetti, my hands are so rough by handling rocks and stone so much my phone's fingerprint sensor dont even recognize my thumbs anymore...just so I can get my tank setup 90% of the way. I mostly got all my rocks and coral inside my tank. I had to trim some down just so they would fit while a few pieces unfortunately didnt survive the move. As you can see my frog spawn disintegrated during the move into roughly 10 pieces and they couldnt all fit inside my 24" tank I have setup which could be my grow out tank or a quarantine tank depending on the needs. I have so much frogspawn in here they are just stacking on top of each there. Gonna sell them cheap Heres the look of the overall room. Still a lot of work that needs to be done, but at least I have easy access to a sink and crazy high water pressure so maintenance is a lot easier than before. Thats it for now, ill update you all later
  8. Well this is it, the lease on this place is up and were moving to a new permanent place. This tank is too big to be moved down the narrow stairs to its final resting place so I had to let it go. I sold the tank for as much as I paid for it minus transportation fee so I got my money's worth over the past 2 years. Good thing is I still have my old tank so I dont need to spend anymore money. Just gotta clean it back up and ill be good to go. I spend 2 nights clearing the tank, removing all of the corals the first day and the fish and sand and equipment the next. Man I didnt realize how much my coral grew in these 2 years. I dont think I'll be able to fit all of them into my old tank. I will be fragging a lot of them out. My iconic frogspawn in my tank broke into a million pieces as i tried to move it so thats gonna be fragged out and sold as well. Just hope people want my stuff....I have no place to put them Heres the tank ready to be picked up All my frags minus the frogspawn
  9. I will be moving soon to a new place and I thought about setting up a grow out tank for my frags and needed a new pump for flow. I was walking about my local fish shops trying to see what inexpensive pumps they have, one of the shops I frequent have this new pump that caught my eye. Its like a Maxspect Gyre clone like the Jebao pumps but this one is actually licensed by Maxspect. The shop keeper told me Maxspect licensed their design and technology to Glamorca so they can provide a cheaper alternative to the Gyre with fewer features. It's like a watered-down version of the Gyre where it uses a similar controller and features as the Gyre but it cant hook up 2 or more pumps together, its pretty much a standalone unit. I only needed one pump for my setup and the price the shopkeep gave me was reasonable at around $130 for a fully controllable Gyre pump, so I thought Ill give it a try. Compared to Jebao or other china knock brands, I think the price is very competitive and I believe you will get support from Glamorca or even Maxspect themselves since they spent the money to invest and buy their license. Output wise it flows a little more than the XF130 at 11000LPH or around 2900gph and consumes 8-40w. Standard eco-friendly paper packaging. Controller looks exactly the same as the Maxspect units Theres the pump itself, they have larger slits than the Gyre and have the same adjustable angle flow The mounting for the pump is a little different than the Gyre, It comes with strong magnets, but it only holds onto the center of the pump. Its not as sturdy as the Gyre as you will see in the video below Performance wise its definitely not as strong as my XF150 which was expected, but it still provided good flow in my tank. Right now Im using the pump in my temporary holding tank for my move until I can get my tank and equipment settled. I suggest you use headphones for the video, its kind of faint, but the pump was definitely more audible out of the box than my Gyre. I left the pump run over night and I checked on it this morning and you can still hear it hum. The pump does wiggle around when its running due to the single point mounting compared to Gyre's double mounting on each of the impeller but it doesnt seem to affect flow. I still would prefer a more secure mount. For a smaller tank I think the Glamorca would be a great choice especially compared to Jebao. If these ever go into the US market Im sure it will be price pretty competitively.
  10. Thanks Ben, I saw your post about the part and output on the FB page. Really not a fan of this power to par curve as you cant judge the output based on percentage given in the app. I guess I have to see and adjust my settings and see how my corals react after I move.
  11. I dont have the exact par numbers....but with 520W of LED over my tank i run them at 100% output around 8 hours a day with slow ramp up and down. some SPS looks washed out while some are having trouble regaining their colors.
  12. Hey, Sorry for the lack of updates, I just let the tank go on autopilot and other hobbies occupied most of my time, so havent been paying much attention to my tank. Also, I cant, for the life of me, get the colors on my SPS to pop which is another reason ive lost the drive to mess with the tank. Ive tried all kinds of additives, vitamins, Prodibio, trace elements, etc and non of them seem to work. one thing I havent tried is weekly water changes, but doing water changes for a 160gal tank is not an easy task and I just gotten lazy. I still havent solved my flatworm problem...which I didnt really bothered to since they werent hurting any of my corals. All this will change when I move again next month. I think Im going back to my old, smaller tank (due to space issue) and Ill be treating everything with flatworm exit before the move and continue to dose FWE weekly just to make sure any eggs that hatched on my rocks/coral doesnt have a chance in my tank and dies. Ive talked to Melevsreef about my coloring issue and he thinks my flatworm, although not doing anything to my corals, are enough to bother them thus the terrible colors Anyways, half a year later since my last FTS update, this is what my tank looks like right now Compared to what it looks like half a year ago
  13. So its been around a month since i have the ATS running. So far Its growing really well. Im starting to get a lot of stringy green algae and coralline algae loves to grow in my ATS as well. Not sure if this would affect anything. Hoping this would take care of the algae in my display tank as well as lower the nutrients and hopefully color up my corals.
  14. Do you mine elaborating why your fed up with the RA?
  15. Theres a good mix of people using either name brand equipment or cheap imitation products that "gets the job done" in Hong Kong. I believe its the same everywhere else. If they have the means to purchase better equipment they will, if not, then cheaper alternative is used. For me, it depends on the importance of the equipment. Ivs cheap out on return pumps, uv filters and dosing pumps and went to Jebao for all of them. They've performed flawlessly so far *touch wood* and Im really happy to have paid a fraction of the price for big name brands. Please where I dont think you should cheap out Ive opted for high end products from name brand manufactures like Maxspect for the lights and powerhead and Skimz for the skimmer. I consider them essential to a reef tank and have a piece of mind knowing they would perform as advertised and would not fail prematurely.