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  1. Maxspect Turbine Duo Pump

    Been using the pump for a while now. So far it works as it should. The controller have several modes for the pump, you can pulse the flow, make surges etc. Not really that useful when using it strictly as a return pump but if you are using this as a close loop system then it might help. Right now I just have it as regular constant flow. My previous pump was a Jebao 8000LPH DC pump which i run at around 70%. The Turbine Duo in combined configuration flows 8500LPH. So it SHOULD flow more than my Jebao pump, but for some reason, even when it is at 100% im getting a lot less flow than I should. Not entirely sure what the problem is. I will be doing more trouble shooting and see if I could figure this out.
  2. MP10 vs Chinese 525g/hr pumps

    Vortech or any other controllable wave maker creates current inside your tank to mimic the flow of the ocean. The oscillating movements, surging back and forth, gyre effects etc etc. This all promotes growth in all corals. The wave action also helps to agitate settled detritus and suspend them in the water so your mechanical filtration can filter them out. General powerheads inside the tank provide a constant current of water movement and doesnt provide any controllability, pointing them at each other would create a somewhat random chaotic flow so it isnt too linear. It would still work, and have seen beautiful tanks with just powerheads, but theres only so much you can do with them. It all depends how much your willing to spend. Another option is you can get those inexpensive jebao units that almost does what the vortechs do.
  3. Maxspect Turbine Duo Pump

    Just got my hands on the Maxspect Turbine Duo Pump. It has a pretty interesting design with dual impellers which allows you to have dual outlets, single outlet, or a combined outlet to suit your needs. I didnt really need to replace my Jebao pump as it served me pretty well for the past 3 years, but the controller does not remember your last speed setting when there is a power outage so whenever the power resumes, the pump will be running at full speed. Not really an problem if you designed your system so that there is enough buffer in the display tank to cater the extra water being pump, but its just annoying coming home to a micro bubble filled tank. Build quality is not bad, as expected from Maxspect . There are a lot of accessories and fittings that came with the pump so you should have the right piece for your plumbing application. The pump itself is surprisingly small for a dual outlet setup, but once you add the collector this adds a considerable amount of height to the pump. Anyone using this pump should really check if their cabinet can cater the height. More to follow when I get this thing installed
  4. Disaster's 160gal SPS Reef Tank

    yeah, good thing Maxspect pulled through and replaced the pump and was willing to replace the light, but I got it going again and didnt see the need to do so.
  5. Disaster's 160gal SPS Reef Tank

    I hope everyone are having better luck with their Maxspect products. One of my lights was acting up and wasnt outputting as much light as my other fixture. I thought it was the programming again so I went to check on it. I messed around with the program and it was running as it should. Suspecting someone is up with the channels, I powered up each channel individually and found out the warm white and green channels werent working. Good thing I have a spare light so I swapped the non functioning light out and everything was fine again. I msged Maxspect about the light and while waiting for their reply, I thought ill take apart the light and see if i could find out what was wrong. I was a little disgusted about the condition of the light, ***Back story, the light wasnt mine, but I swapped it out with my contact from Maxspect since there was a new beta software and he wanted me to try it, my lights were too old and the hardware that was in the light wasnt compatible with new software. So he told me to give him my old lights, and he would give me his lights*** Im guessing there was some severe splashing or whatever and the inside of the lights didnt look so good. Dried saltwater mixed with dust, and can see some of the metal is corroding. Looking at the condition of the light, I had a suspicion that some of the trace on the PCB was corroded and the connection was cut resulting in 2 non working channels. I completely took apart the light, cleaned everything the best I can and examined all the electronics. As i suspected the PCB circuit is corroded and the connection was broken. I scraped off the paint on the copper trace and soldered on spare pieces of wire to bridge the connection. Plugged the light back in and voila, all channels are working again.
  6. Disaster's 160gal SPS Reef Tank

    The new pumps arrived. Packaging was a lot smaller than I remembered, then realized these are just the pump and does not include any controller or power supply. Makes sense not to include all the unnecessary accessories. Im liking this small tin can the pump comes in... Plenty of padding for the pump Now we wait a few months before my tank bounces back again
  7. Disaster's 160gal SPS Reef Tank

    Some corals are dead...Couldnt really tell until diatoms started growing on it since a lot of my corals were completely bleached white. The ones that are still alive still have a tiny bit of polyp extension on them. Ive dialed back the lighting on my tank so I dont bleach them any further. Its low voltage 24v so its not THAT bad. Did shock me a little when I touched JUST the right spot.
  8. Disaster's 160gal SPS Reef Tank

    Well I found out what was wrong with my tank and it had nothing to to do with me over dosing or water parameters. It was a stray electricity from the pump that was causing the bleaching. I noticed my pumps wouldnt run as programmed and I thought it was the controller's problem and had nothing to do with the pump so I put it off for a while and concentrated on fixing my water parameters. I did a few massive water changes to the tank, checked all my parameters and made sure everything was spot on with the water but still couldnt figure out why i dont see any significant improvements to my corals. I finally went to check on my pump once in for all and see what was wrong. I messed around with the controller and realized that it wasnt the problem but one of my pumps wasnt working. I went to see if the impeller was jammed and felt a lot of tingling sensation while handling the pump...then it really shocked me. I quickly unplugged the pump and noticed this rust color fuzz coming from the wire entering the pump. 3 weeks I thought my water parameter was causing the massive bleaching in my tank, but it turns out it was a simple shorted out pump that was causing my headaches, causing me to loose 3 other sps frags. Thankfully Maxspect will be replacing both pumps for me. Another long journey before my corals bounces back again.
  9. Disaster's 160gal SPS Reef Tank

    I just checked my parameters again and everything checks out. Nothing out of the ordinary. Calc is around 390-400ppm, Alk is 8dkh, mag is 1400ppm, NO3 is sub 1ppm, PO4 is undetectable. Heres some cellphone pics of what some of my corals look like now
  10. Disaster's 160gal SPS Reef Tank

    Calc was right where I wanted to be so I didn't specifically dose calc. Might, as you said, caused imbalanced.
  11. Disaster's 160gal SPS Reef Tank

    It was around 4.5-5dhk before and I dosed a measured amount of baked baking soda solution over 3 days to raise it back up to 8dkh. I've tried this method a lot of times before with no problem. I guess something was different this time.
  12. Disaster's 160gal SPS Reef Tank

    Something weird is happening to my tank right now. I checked my parameters this past weekend and noticed my alk was running low. Everything else was fine so I decided to dose baked baking soda solution into my tank just to bring it up to spec. I didnt does it all at once, but took 2-3 days of dosing. Something weird started happening to my tank tho. Ive noticed the color on some of my corals are lightening up like they are being bleached. They only affects the red and blue corals but my green and yellow corals stayed the same. Even my browned out corals are bleached. Also, it only seem to affect the coral that is receiving direct lights from my LED, parts of the coral that is in the shade are not affected at all. Ive stopped dosing hoping this would stop....I hope i didnt start killing off my corals again
  13. Disaster's 160gal SPS Reef Tank

    Im able to keep the colors on the the new corals, but the old ones still looks kinda dull.
  14. Disaster's 160gal SPS Reef Tank

  15. Disaster's 160gal SPS Reef Tank

    Ive been trying to raise my nitrates a bit by feeding my tank more frequently. Wondering if I should keep up with my 2 week water changes or let it go for longer so the nutrients can build up...