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  1. Tudizzle's BC29

    came on to try an figure out how old the ol' cube is.....almost 8 years! Full reset last week after way too much neglect. Bought an Ocean Blue 150w LED (topless..wohoo) and all new pumps to start fresh 15lbs of live sand and 24lbs of live rock. and we are off.......
  2. been gone for years and stop in and look whos doing a rescape... surprise surprise
  3. Tudizzle's BC29

    whatever happened to that guy tudizzle?? tanks still alive...barely just ordered a fresh clean up crew to chew away the neglect. Its a former shell of its once glorious self....but I am going to clean her up and see what I got...We can rebuild! neglect brought on algea...green bubble the worst...may be unstoppable If its not to bad I may post up....might be too embarrassing...
  4. Tudizzle's BC29

    I know I need that new tank excitement! Picked up some pink zoas...will post some pics once they settle
  5. Tudizzle's BC29

    Having trouble finding my good camera so I just grabbed a few with my daughters..at least you can get the general idea how things are looking.
  6. Crab ID please

    check here it says not reef safe and this is a pretty good source http://www.chucksaddiction.com/hitchcrabs.html
  7. My "Nanocustoms Super Cube"

    I would have to agree with the more rock. For as much stuff as you have in there it actually looks empty. Thin the heard of what you do not want and do a little rockscaping and you will have a real jewel
  8. bc 29 fliter options...

    Don't think adding the media rack would cause a cycle unless you are still running bioballs. But if it is an established tank your chances are still good. More of a DIY guy myself so I do not have "Steve's" rack but most run chemipure and purigen along with some type of filter floss. Never know exactly what a snail is going to eat but I think the key is variety so that you increase your chances
  9. Spanko's change history

    yeah but what will it look like tomorrow???
  10. Biocube 29 replacement pump?

    2 years running the RIO6 just remove the plastic screen/grate and wedge it into the 3rd chamber. I have to check to see if it is actully running sometimes it is sooo quite.
  11. Tudizzle's BC29

    At least it will be an AIO. How about dividing it into 4 quadrants with completly different corals in each zone. 4 nanos in one? All could have their own lighting and then I could have the lighting schedule off set so I would always have 1-2 with the lights on.
  12. Tudizzle's BC29

    The 110 gal AIO? Something like building 2 false walls angled in the back corners. With fuge on one side and filtration stuff on the other side. All the pumps/heaters would be hidden back there too. Still in the works but I was given the tank and stand for free so I just gotta do something with it!?! Thinking rock islands on each end, its a 6ft tank. Maybe bare bottom. Crazy idea of sand glued to the bottom then growing a carpet of zoas. I have these ones that multiply like wildfire, so maybe? Oh so many options..... it was a used FW tank so it needs a good scrubbin and the stand and tank need painting...definetly a project tank!
  13. Tudizzle's BC29

    Looking good! Need to put your build on the reading todo list as well....plus Vodka dosing! I got some work ahead of me I see.
  14. Tudizzle's BC29

    what up stranger... Guess I need to edit my first page now that it stays on top..its a long first post
  15. Tudizzle's BC29

    I need to sit down and read thru you build for sure. Think I will be dropping in here more often. I frequent a snowmobile site that has become crazy political. Ask a question about a sled problem and within 8 posts someone is blamming Obama? It has always been a fairly conservative site but lately it has shifted so far to the right. If I wanted to talk politics I would I would be on a political site...anywhoo. Need to grab some pics of the tank today. Also been procrastinating on a new tank build. Got it sitting in the garage waiting for me to start..soon! Kids are back in school so maybe I can free up some time before the snow flies.