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  1. Sorry guys still no snails or macro or anything alive for that matter. I did set up my pecto 3.7 pico tank and made my first coral purchase from Glenn over at coral gardens aquaculture though. I plan on upgrading very soon but I don't think I'll go over a 40br. As far as hooking people up with more snails and macro I don't think I'll be doing it again. As someone mentioned it's not worth the time and material to go and take time off from work to make the the stop at the post office. I started this thread with the only intentions of helping my fellow hobbyists out but it only takes one bad apple to riun the batch!
  2. Hey guys sorry I've been mia but I'm out the hobby completely. Just actually got rid of the tank yesterday. I might contemplate getting back in the hobby but for right now I have too much on my plate. If your looking for conch snails I'd get in contact with glennritter1978.
  3. If I ever do come across these again in my tanks I'll hook you up for shipping. Macro and everything. This made me laugh pretty hard lol!
  4. Busy day today. After I get home I think I'm going to start making repairs to my tank and stand and see how far I can get this weekend.
  5. I remember that. No way would I burn anybody on here. This forum has been friggin awesome to since I've been a member here from like 06 or 07 and don't see myself going anywhere.
  6. I'm telling you. This guy thinks he's entitled or something. There was never a guarantee and you had options. You clearly choose very poorly.
  7. You're still here crying! Get f*cked! I offered you twelve bucks like 3 months ago and you should have it took it then because I knew it was going to be too hot to ship anything. Maybe next time someone tells you to wait till Monday to ship just wait till then instead of coming up with some bullshit story about going on vacation and you need them asap. It would've been better to just wait till afterwards but you know you weren't going anywhere and just wanted to get them in a rush. Piss poor planning on your behalf doesn't constitute an emergency on my behalf.
  8. Now that that's said and I'm sorry I even had to, I plan on starting my tank up as soon as I can get all the biological filtration such as rock, sand, & sump as clean as possible then re-seeding it with a 3g Pico I've managed to keep only biological matter alive in order to restart my entire system. It's going to be a long process but I've spent years at it so what should a few more matter when you got the time.
  9. Houston has some major reef shops. I'm sure lots of people are just reeling from what just happened to them to be stressing about a tank. Some people are without homes. The eye wall hit about 30 miles North of where I'm at and I have freinds sleeping in pop up campers and tents where thier houses once stood sleeping to the sounds of generators and mosquitoes still tonight.
  10. I know a few of my freinds weathered the storm and are now back up and running. Wish it was that simple for us. I was without power for 6 days. I couldn't stay at home because nobody could find fuel to run generators and it was in the triple digits. My 1yo has been in and out of the hospital with respiratory problems since birth and that was something I didn't went to deal with on top of everything we're dealing with.
  11. I offered to refund your shipping a while back even after I told you that I don't ship on Wednesdays but you still took the chance and gambled. I'm in no position to be issuing refunds. I got a flooded truck that needs tio be fixed and a leaking roof. If twelve bucks is that important to you then perhaps you should've taken it while I offered. Never was this a guaranteed deal and all the people who waited for Monday shipping got live snails. You wanted yours midweek and got dead ones. I offered to reimburse you then regardless of the fact. The fact that would ask to be reimbursed after my entire tank crashes is pretty disturbing to me. Sorry but the answer is no.
  12. This community has done enough for me. If I do plan on restarting I'll be supporting my local vendors and lfs's who could use the support getting back on thier feet. I'll wait till hurricane season is over though before I begin with Irma stirring on the same path Harvey was just on!
  13. Well guys sorry to report that hurricane Harvey has killed my entire tank. No more snails, macro, fish or coral. It was a complete loss and at this point the tank is torn down stinking up my back porch.
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