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  1. Filtered water is most likely going to be your culprit here. There are too many contaminants such as nutrient phosphates, metals, and worst of all most likely silicates. There in lies your problem.
  2. If he can escape the small cup then try a bigger glass.
  3. No your not getting it! He is able to climb into the cup but not climb out. Just remember to lean it against the rocks he likes to camp out in so he can get in there easily. Try baiting directly after lights out for best results.
  4. When in doubt toss it out! The way you bait a crab is to put a glass cup in your tank near his spot then bait it with a piece of shrimp. He'll be able to get in but not out!
  5. Yes along with 8 rb leds I placed on some u-channel that just sits atop the glass. Brings tons of difference. It was a temp thing till i was able to replace it with something better. It gets the job done though.
  6. I got you covered lol!
  7. I have some dragons breath in my tank. You can't see it in the pic but it's there in the bottom left hand side. I have a huge ball of it in my 75g. I'd be happy to send you some if you like.
  8. Here's my little cube!
  9. Not atm. I'm running stock lighting as well along with a rb led bar I made so pics are really washed out. I'll try and get a good one and post it up.
  10. I bought the same tank in February. I would avoid black sand in any rounded front tank mainly because it's magentic and when you go to use your mag to clean the tank it's going to get scratched all to hell. I ran the stock media for months but I'm running the sponge in second compartment and a bag of purigen in the first chamber. Seems to do well. I'm running mostly euphyullia frags and lps such as acans, brain frags, blastos, & a rhodactis. As far as sps I'm just running a bright red plating monti. No fish and all natural cuc along with one or two nano conch snails.
  11. Good to hear! They're Texas tough. I was concerned because it's already 90 before sunrise but luckily it's been rainy and overcast the last two weeks. Perfect shipping weather. I'll let you know but it most likely won't be for another several months again. Once I see them all over my glass again I'll know it's time but I trimmed the numbers down substantially so I'll need to give them time to replenish.
  12. Pm sent
  13. With sps all it takes is a single polyp.
  14. Dude for real though! I find they like powerheads for some reason. Must be the warmth that helps them spawn faster. I've noticed something like 19 days from lay to hatch. The bubbles burst then all those white dots become snails lol!