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  1. I hate to say this but You really need to research who you buy from. It appears that this person was only active the day they signed up and have a very low post count. I'd bee very hesitant to send them anything standard. Asking for me to send it as a gift I'd have told them to get bent. I'm sorry you lost money but you learned a valuable lesson.
  2. Dude! Sweet!
  3. Plastic clamps could mean a world of difference. Those hoses seen to take shape of the barb then after a few months of slime buildup they can come popping right off!
  4. Not too shabby a project you got going on. I wasn't as brave. I just took the outer trim off the top of my old 20l and left the inner trim in place. Made a world of difference.
  5. Pm me. I see his post was from like a week ago. I should check here more often. If you want it I can ship Monday. I honestly have enough to go around but was going to let it get back to what it was before trimming heavily.
  6. As a matter of fact I got one more large chunk for 20 shipped. I'll toss in a dragon's breath clipping for another 5 bucks.
  7. Well good luck to you eh!
  8. You overpaid. Plain and simple you should've listened to Burtbollinger too. He knows what's good! Hopefully you can keep it alive long enough for your tank to properly level out. I had a similar green bta that got shredded by my vortec mp20 back I the day. Ripped it right in half. One half died immediately the other survived. Looked just like your new one for 9mo till it regained it's natural pigment. If your tank decides to do anything funny like have a nitrite or ammonia spike you could easily loose that weakened anemone. I hate to be the bearer of bad new but I'm just kidding. I live for it. Should've stuck to that expert advise that good people still find time to offer up. I'm done here though. I'll be back on next week most likely. Maybe I'll get an update then. You might get lucky. Bta's are extremely hard to kill imo.
  9. I have enough to send out another package Monday!
  10. Pretty much got it together!
  11. Thanks guys! Tank is barely getting past the ugly stage since I went with a 80% dry rock approach. I fought dinos, and gha for starting out with ro well water. Now that I'm back in town and using rodi things are looking much better.
  12. Thanks man! Good to still see you hanging out around here!
  13. Yeah I cut my own 4x4 tavertine tiles down into whatever size I need. I always end up with tons of scrap after most jobs that involve it so I use it to my advantage. Here's a few more!
  14. Been busy cutting frags out my 75g and stashing them in my 15g. It's become a frag box!