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  1. I am hoping to but wont know for sure until later this week.
  2. Understanding PAR???

    Do you think the marine pro would be fine for growing SPS in a standard 10 gallon tank?
  3. Understanding PAR???

    OPtasia, thanks for the info, makes more sense. I guess when I had my other tanks LED wasn't an affordable option so I didn't learn about them. I am trying to decide between the current marine pro or AI prime hd. I'm trying to justify the extra $100 for the AI (with mount) for my 10 gallon. I think the marine pro will support SPS in a 10 gallon and I like the sleek design but I dont want to fall short on PAR.
  4. Understanding PAR???

    I need a little help. I'm a little confused on how par works in relation to intensity (I think?). I have read a lot of posts on needs for a 10 gallon (what I have) and find myself confused. I believe I need to upgrade my Current Marine (non pro) if I want to keep SPS. Here is where I get confused. I read a lot of people using AI Prime HD (as and example) but only running it at 50% for argument sake. Why would I want to upgrade my lights if I'm only going to run them at a certain percentage? Does Par not change with intensity? Why would running current setup at 100% be worse then running a AI Pro at 50%. I hope what I am asking makes sense.....
  5. WTB AI Prime HD

    Looking for a AI Prime HD so I can upgrade my lighting on my 10 gallon. Thanks
  6. Do I need a 2nd light?

    how about a current marine pro?
  7. As the title says I'm looking for corals near midland Michigan. I'm looking mostly for softies and LPS, maybe SPS. Let me know what you have. thanks!
  8. Do I need a 2nd light?

    would 1 AI pro hd work? for SPS?
  9. Do I need a 2nd light?

    Any suggestions on a plug and play unit?
  10. Do I need a 2nd light?

    It is the 4100 18-24" 18watts.
  11. Do I need a 2nd light?

    I have had a current USA orbit marine led light on my standard 10gal tank for about a year. I have been able to keep frogspawn, zoa's, mushrooms and GSP but the have not grown a whole lot. My water peramiters are good so I'm thinking I might need to add a second light? Does anyone have any experience with a single orbit marine unit growing corals? I was thinking I could add the pro version as my second unit if needed. Thoughts/suggestions?
  12. Moore's 10 gallon adventure

    Not sure if anyone is reading this but just in case.... I received my ATO which has been great. I added a mushroom and GSP along with a clean up crew. I adjusted my liverock and added another piece. My first fish addition was a YWG. I believe it's an adult female because it's grey. I really like her frown and personality. Now I need to decide what's next??? With young kids I feel almost obligated to get a clown but not sure if I get 2 or 1 and another fish?? Thoughts? Water peramiters have been solid and I've been doing 10 to 20% water changes weekly. Heres a pic. Best I can do with my I phone.
  13. Is this a sponge?

    I'll start by apologizing for posting so many i.d. questions. Are these white spots on my live rock sponges? Before I add to many corals/live rock I hope to figure some of this out. Here's a few pics...
  14. Hitchhiker on snail ID

    👍 thanks for the confermation John.