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  1. oba97

    Frogspawn looks strange

    Good to hear. Thanks!
  2. oba97

    Frogspawn looks strange

    I recently moved my frogspawn and re-arranged my flow pattern. Now it's opening up really wide. The arms (or whatever you call them) are not bunched close together except for where the to heads meet. Is this a sign of an issue or normal?
  3. oba97

    Moore's 10 gallon adventure

    Ya, I picked up the Duncan's, blasto, rock flower. It was my first swap...cool to see all the venders and their corals. I agree with the frogspawn (not a hammer). Just not sure where to place it..... I'm having a hard time finding lower flow areas. Any suggestions?
  4. oba97

    Moore's 10 gallon adventure

    we'll it's been a little shy of a year and I've had some changes. I swapped my light for a AI Prime hd about a month ago and bought some frags. I had some frags for a while but didn't get any growth. Once I got my ai I have seen some growth. I also swapped hydor nano for a jebao sw-2. I'm trying to figure out how to get good flow but not blow everything away.
  5. Thanks! will the clove kill the zoa?
  6. Is this a type of ric?? I'll post a couple of pics because it's had to get the exact color. It has split twice and get pretty large. It's orange with a purplish center. I also have something growing from a zoas frag. It has bright green center and orange in the tips. Is it a type of clove? I don't have the best pics, sorry.
  7. oba97

    Duncan placed close to acans

    ok, thanks for the input.
  8. I bought some frags today and am curious how close I can place Duncan's and acans together. I'm my 10 gallon its tough finding a spot with the right flow, light and lots of room. Any input would be appreciated.
  9. I have what I believe to be pineapple sponges taking over the bottom of my rock and inside my filter. As far as I know they are harmless but recently I have found some white sponge looking stuff in a couple of my corals. Should I be trying to get the pineapple sponge off my live rock? My 10 gallon tank is about a year old. I'll try and attach a couple of pics but I don't have any gel filters so they won't be the best.
  10. I am hoping to but wont know for sure until later this week.
  11. oba97

    Understanding PAR???

    Do you think the marine pro would be fine for growing SPS in a standard 10 gallon tank?
  12. oba97

    Understanding PAR???

    OPtasia, thanks for the info, makes more sense. I guess when I had my other tanks LED wasn't an affordable option so I didn't learn about them. I am trying to decide between the current marine pro or AI prime hd. I'm trying to justify the extra $100 for the AI (with mount) for my 10 gallon. I think the marine pro will support SPS in a 10 gallon and I like the sleek design but I dont want to fall short on PAR.
  13. oba97

    Understanding PAR???

    I need a little help. I'm a little confused on how par works in relation to intensity (I think?). I have read a lot of posts on needs for a 10 gallon (what I have) and find myself confused. I believe I need to upgrade my Current Marine (non pro) if I want to keep SPS. Here is where I get confused. I read a lot of people using AI Prime HD (as and example) but only running it at 50% for argument sake. Why would I want to upgrade my lights if I'm only going to run them at a certain percentage? Does Par not change with intensity? Why would running current setup at 100% be worse then running a AI Pro at 50%. I hope what I am asking makes sense.....
  14. oba97

    WTB AI Prime HD

    Looking for a AI Prime HD so I can upgrade my lighting on my 10 gallon. Thanks