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  1. illuminano

    Jacob's Aquapod 24g Almost Gone

    No HL Courses eh? haha I did IB as well HL Biology FTW
  2. illuminano

    Any fellow Canadians!

    Vince have you been here?? http://www.oakvillereefgallery.com/ One of the nicest spaces i've ever seen
  3. illuminano

    Any fellow Canadians!

    Also a Canadian! I'm living in Kingston for school but my home base is Toronto. Definitely one of the best places to live for Reef supplies in Canada. I'm always surprised at how few BC people there are, I would think you guys would be out making coldwater tanks all over the place. Jim is the go to man for all of our area. His prices are ridiculously fair and he delivers for peanuts. Such a great guy to deal with and he can get anything you want. This is his website, it's to better to call him for stock questions.
  4. illuminano

    Illuminano's Second Coming

    Thats what i thought. I haven't tested yet because I want to see of my ph cycle fixes my alkalinity issues. If it doesn't than i'll just have to do some water changes
  5. illuminano

    Illuminano's Second Coming

    Thanks hype, Glad to be back. Water cleared up, left a weird residue all over the glass and back wall which wasn't fun to clean up but shes all ready to go now. Couple things: my dkh is at 18, but my ph is at 7.7 is that acceptable? My temperature is a bit warm sitting stable at 83 is that going to be too hot? got some really cool rock from Jim this morning, that guys the best
  6. illuminano

    Illuminano's Second Coming

    Reef Buffer + Salt + Prime = Milk? Who knew haha Nothings alive in the tank yet so I'm not worried, I'm sure it'll level out by this afternoon. First Inhabitants will be a pair of Harlequin Shrimp. Haven't decided anything else yet.
  7. illuminano

    Replacing the front peice of glass in my 30g

    My thoughts exactly, just get a brand new one and have someone drill it. Most hardware stores will do it (at least in my area)
  8. illuminano

    Help! Is my LPS Dead?

    What they said, also make sure the tanks temperature stays stable spikes in heat are a common cause of coral melting
  9. illuminano

    Beeker's 200DD Par38 Reef-New Pics 3-10-11!

    Beeker! Nice tank, I'm really impressed at the level of commitment towards LED technology. If you don't mind me asking why did you choose all PAR38s? Going by what you said about PAR levels and various coral growth than aren't you overdoing it by alot? Wouldn't it be more economical (both cost-wise and light breadth) to have two HQI's and accent with say 6 Blue spotlight PAR38's? I'm not sure I totally understand what you're going for with this tank in terms of aesthetic... Why no sand if you're trying to go for that realistic ocean look with the spotlighting? Why have that background there detracting from all the beauty of the display? You have a lot of room to play with and many beautiful corals whose placement, in my opinion, lacks direction. AH! I'm running my mouth, i'm sorry, hopefully you don't find my comments too annoying that you don't reply I'm just trying to offer some constructive criticism. Final Thought: Amazing tank, amazing level of commitment toward forward thinking I can't wait to see it grow out! Sub'd D
  10. illuminano

    Systemtool's 36gal Reef

    Yeah just got back to my house and within a week i have water flowing in the tank, but i don't have salt or anything so i can't start my cycle. So annoying, you don't have salt do you? I contacted Jim but he hasn't replied yet. I also need like a basic test kit, my old one is expired. I'll just do a big order with Jim I think as soon as he gets back to me. Take a day to clean up your existing tank, maybe take everything out and do a new aquascape. I always find that gives me a little more vigor! If you still want to go bigger then, I'll come over and help you do the move. Is your basement rug or wood?
  11. illuminano

    FS: 20" Current NEP ---- Price Drop!

    Hello... I'm interested in buying this...
  12. illuminano

    Illuminano's Second Coming

  13. illuminano

    WTB: Sapphire Skimmer for Aquapod 24

    I have one for the NC24, interested?
  14. illuminano

    FS: 20" Current NEP ---- Price Drop!

    Would you ship to Canada? (Ontario, not like the arctic or some sh*t haha)
  15. illuminano

    Systemtool's 36gal Reef

    Hey SystemTool! I remembered your tank from last year, Damn! It looks a lot better these days. How are things going? I'm starting mine up again, my goal is to get her established by Christmas... Post some pics! I need to get inspired i just spent all day cleaning my old tank and equipment. I'll be starting a new thread soon when there's some water to speak of. D