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  1. Zoas and Palys

    Hey Tenor, I'll take the following if available. rasta darthmaaul 1 p fire and ice Thanks
  2. z's and p'z

    PM Sent.
  3. FS: Some Zoas and Palys

    Got my order in today from Tenor. Packaging was impressive. Got things settled in the tank and headed back to work. Got home a few hours later and everything was open and happy. Great experience. Thanks again.
  4. Acrylic goodies... Picotope lids

    Just PM'd you about a skimmer box.
  5. FS: Some Zoas and Palys

    Very nice. PM'd.
  6. Started out small and has grown to about the size of nickel. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  7. Need a spot to buy replacement bulbs for 12g nanocube dx. I've also heard about some sort of new "True Actinic 03" bulb. What's the deal with that? My plan is to go with 1 10,000k and 1 actinic, so I can run the actinic an hour before/after the 10,000k gets turned on/off to simulate dawn/dusk. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, the comish
  8. Please help me identify--Anemone?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Fortunately I was able to pull the piece of rock out and torch all anemones. Rinsed the rock thoroughly with ro water and all is good now. Once again thank you. the comish
  9. Bought a small peice of live rock about a month ago from the lfs because I liked its shape. Got the rock home and noticed that it had a small anemone of some type attached to it. It's been a month and the anemone has grown significantly and spread to other parts of the rock. Does anyone have any idea what this is? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, The Comish