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  1. Fluval Spec V Media Basket by Horen

    Very nice! I look forward to your progress!
  2. Nudibranch?

    Looks like a berghia nudi ~ great aiptasia eaters
  3. Nano/Pico Airstone Skimmer

    love it! Yep, need one of these
  4. I got a mushroom cootie?

    Revive on order ~ Billy..look at my avatar ~ pretty sure he just ate a shroom
  5. I got a mushroom cootie?

    Thanks Magik ~ A quick freshwater dip or something stronger?
  6. How many people don't use a skimmer on their nano?

    Skimmerless as well ~ 6g NanoCube with weekly 20% waterchanges
  7. I got a mushroom cootie?

    I bought a mushroom nibbley and have him in a seperate tank to attach...he expands great, but I've noticed these little whitish areas...they are not flatworms or anything that is on the surface ~ It almost looks like he was bitten or something and is maybe healing? Each whitish area has 3 little 'lines' that match the structure of the shroom ~ I just want to make sure that it's not some super cootie that will spread to my other shrooms. Any ideas? Thanks so much!
  8. P6060028

    Such a beautiful color! I hope he's safe
  9. Extremecorals.com

    I haven't used their mailing since I live close enough for pickup, but his setup is amazing and corals are very healthy
  10. Aquascape help!

    I love it! I stink at trying to pile mine ~ keep us updated, i look forward to seeing it it action!
  11. I'm thinking this could be the club tshirt, as far as what all we go through for our tanks ~ Glad everyone (sans worm) came out ok
  12. Dallas World Aquarium

    Thanks so much for thinking of this ~ I had completely forgotten about it! Haha, see ya there next month!
  13. Bulk Reef Supply Group Buy 6/7

  14. Dallas World Aquarium

    I live nearby as well and it's a fantastic way to enjoy the day ~ it's a rainforest, it's an aquarium...they have the CUTEST manatees...free roaming birds, penguins....have a fantastic time!
  15. FTS 06/04/2011