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  1. 20G High Addiction Tank

    I'm Bringing this tank thread back!
  2. SOLD!

    bump!!! the sooner it's gone the better.
  3. SOLD!

    I can include a bare bones hood and light cover that has been cut in the back and has no lighting, If you want the hood with custom led lighting it would be an additional $300.
  4. SOLD!

    I never posted any pics of it working, I tested it a week after I built it to make sure there were no leaks.
  5. SOLD!

    bump for pics
  6. SOLD!

  7. 20H Lighting Help

    I was originally planning on 1 heatsink. I've just decided to spread the light out into 3 rows. I'm using a 12x4.8 heatsink and going to have two dimmable channels. One blue and the other white with a max 30W on each channel.
  8. 20H Lighting Help

    thats not really what i'm going for, plus i'm not going for looks. i just want to make sure i don't wash out color. I think I am going to do 8RB 4CW 3WW or NW and 2B.
  9. 20H Lighting Help

    well I've decided on 8 Royal Blue and 7 Cool Whie, IDK if I should go with 2 or 4 Blue
  10. 20H Lighting Help

    decided on a different setup for LED's... I need to figure out what I would be able to grow with 10 3w LED's on my 20H, any ideas?
  11. Is your MP10 Vortech noisy?

    My MP10 got noisy when the magnet went and it wouldn't align properly. Also if the blade has marks in it, it will make some noise. If the pump is on high it will make noise but I'm sure even the MP40 does so too on high. I have mine on 40% constant and can only hear it faintly from 5 feet away when its dead silent in the room at night.
  12. 20G High Addiction Tank

    I can't decide if I should go with 18x LED's (6xCW, 6xRB, 2xUV, 2xDR, 2XCY) @ $150 or 10x LED's (5xCW, 5xRB) @ $75. I know the color will probably be better on the 18LED fixture but the cost is double and I'm not sure I will need that much light.
  13. 20G High Addiction Tank

    Here is a crappy pic of my heat sink, marked and drilled, but you can't really see.
  14. 20G High Addiction Tank

    Nope it's exactly 1.25" of sand, just looks like a lot of sand. I love 20H too I'm planning on LED's and sproably just softies since I'm only going to have 10LED's.
  15. LED Advice

    I would go Radion, AI, Kessil, or DIY. DIY will obviously be less expensive to a point, if you start adding a controller and all that you might as well just buy premaid. I'm kicking myself for not buying an AI SOL for my BC29, spent about $800 on everything when I could have only spent $400.