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  1. Do you wear gloves when working in your aquarium?

    I don't wear gloves but I always wash my hands before and after.... Oh wait was this the "do you wear gloves when you go pee?" poll?
  2. DIY super duper nano

    Here is a real pico reef as done by the great nano master himself.... ESPI
  3. Third DIY: Overflow Box

    Outstanding!, I did have one sugestion though. If you put a spacer on the bottom it would keep it from leaning when you put it in the tank. I'm sure you already thought of it though. Could you build me one out of clear acrylic. I can get you the dimentions, it would need to be a little smaller than the one you made. It is for a eclipse 6 with a aquaclear 300 hob fuge. Just PM me and let me know if you can do it and for how much. Thankyou
  4. My 10 gallon nano (large pics!)

    Gee, your absolutely right. there is nothing wrong with keeping a tang in a 10g.
  5. my "CUSTOM"SeaLife 20" MH retro conversion

    WOW. That is the cleanest mod I have seen in a long time. Keep up the good work.
  6. 150 W MH pendant for $50 - good deal?

    That's a horrible deal... Where is the store by the way, you know just so I can avoid it.
  7. You should use the stuff we have at the hospital for doing swallow studies. Its about 100 times more concentrated than regular blue food coloring. we use to use methylene blue but it made the patients #### bright green for about a week.
  8. DIY 70W Worklight for 20L'ers

    What are you going to use for a ballast?
  9. DIY 70W Worklight for 20L'ers

    OMG! That's F**king Sweet Nice Job. That would be perfect for Von digity's ghetto reef
  10. 2.5g Mini-Bow - LED Illuminated

    Hey, here is something you might want to check out. They are LED lights made for emergency response vehicles. They are extremely bright. I have a pair of red/white ones on my truck. The come in all different colors and run off 12V. http://www.rimindustries.com/able2/11.9000.htm http://www.rimindustries.com/able2/12.5003.htm http://www.rimindustries.com/led.htm
  11. Am I kicked out of Nano-World?

    Micro Reef?
  12. shrooms hate me!!!

    Crak, he wasn't talking about you. He said White hairy. Don't you dye your ass hair with Just for Men brush in gel (" for the hard to color hair of mustches, asses, and beards") At least that is what Drew told me.
  13. 27 watt pc questions for eclips

    There are a number of good posts about "blue" or Actinic lighting. Try searching the site for Actinic. In short, the blue 7100K bulb is just a bulb that is tinted to produce a blue color. A "True Actinic" bulb or Actinic 03, has special phosphors that produce light at a wavelength of approximately 420-430nm which is the ideal wavelength for chlorophyll A, C1, and C2 in photosytheysis. In otherwords, It's good for yer coral (the photosythetic ones anyway!) It's a good Idea to have both white (10,000k, 6500k, etc.) and Actinic in your tank. There are quite a few 50/50 bulbs on the market. They are half Actinic and half white. Alot of people are using these, and with good results. I have 1-13w actinic-03, 1-13w 10,000k, and 1-32w 50/50 in my Eclipse 6. Everything seems to be happy with the setup.
  14. 27 watt pc questions for eclips

    I beleive the 32w florescent is a PC (power compact). PC is just a different type of florescent bulb. The ones that come with the eclipse are NO (Normal Output) Florescent. The most notable feature of PC's are that they have a twin or sometimes quad tube design. The NO bulbs are usually inadequate for a reef tank. I'm glad to see that you have upgraded.
  15. shrooms hate me!!!

    Hmmm. I would say try taking out the powerwheel, they don't do well in reef tanks. First the batteries die and then the decals will start to peal off. May be the battery acid is killing you mushrooms. J/k