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  1. Yes indeed TY Penny. Both Shar and I were totally bummed when it went cow-plop. The last 1 was in the Front left Corner, this 1 is in the Front right. I think it is getting a little less flow here. The other Bubble had some flow, but not a lot... I honestly don't think flow was the issue with the last 1. I have a small "Branching" Hammer? in the Left front corner...A Euphylia of some sort anyways...
  2. Most Crabs that I am aware, not sure about "Marine" Crabs, but, they will dig a "Burrow" to Molt and or to "De-stress". Either case, What ya did, "So now I put a towel over that side of the tank to give him some rest" was a pretty smart thing to do. It isn't so much as giving him/her rest, but let's the little guy feel more secure. As for the Spike...I can't answer. I Haven't a clue.
  3. Awww..TY Weetie I am so glad u pointed me to Live plants
  4. So, We got our Macro-algae in the other day. @Weetabix7, WOW! Bought 2 Red Macros from I was really surprised at the Amount and very happy with the quality. Even got a Free Hitchhiker, a Hermit-crab I ordered a custom CUC from John and added some Shaving Brushes and some "Christmas Tree"s. What a Huge difference those Plants have made with eye appeal in the Aquarium Here are some Pics Sorry that these are a tad out of focus Left Side Let me know what U all think For me, what a nice change in the tank
  5. Hey, 150 is well saved. Even if it is 150! That is money that can be well saved or Spent (In Ur Aquariums of course )
  6. Oi. Yeah, I can't afford a "Smart Phone". We have either an LG or Samsung (Android) We certainly didn't pay more than 120 for it. I wonder if U could buy something similar, certainly a lot less expensive than an Apple (Smart Phone) and use it with ur current provider?
  7. Oof! I am sorry Kimber. Damn that Sux! When u finish ur contract, look into *GASP* (Dare I say it?) Metro(Piece of chit). We have 1 Cell phone from them and pay 40 a month for Talk, text and Web? I think Shar's Android was like 100 bucks. But, then, we are simple folk. We have a Cell phone mostly for the Car and Taking pics.
  8. I am using the Aquamaxx HOB-1 And I Like it...But, that is just my opinion. I bought mine from Marine Depot, 1 of the Sponsors of NR Link
  9. Oh, That is good news In it's way...Go with ur feelings
  10. That is awesome
  11. I Would go with an AC 110 (Aquaclear) And maybe a Protein Skimmer. Depends on ur Bio-load. I am sure others will chime in...I Hope.
  12. I too am very glad to hear about some improvement in Ruth. Hope she can return to the Herd soon Please let us know what recommends