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  1. Looks awesome Also, it looks like a good investment Gotta keep those jumpers (Carpet Surfers) from, well, Carpet Surfing
  2. Cape Coral, Fl.
  3. Those were the Days...It's sad to see what this world has come to and watching it go down in flame
  4. Some really nice stuff! Love that ?Zoa? Paly? Rock SQUEEEEeeee
  5. Sadly...That's to true.
  6. OH Lord! That totally sucks! Sorry to hear that.
  7. OW! That sucks
  8. Green Coralline Algae, maybe?
  9. I am inclined to say it might be a Limpet?
  10. I think they got started when I got some Zoas
  11. I've got Pep shrimps (6) Maybe I meed to fire them?
  12. Been okay Got kind of bored watching the forums, so, I started playing a game I used to play. htttp:// Lord of the Rings online.
  13. Hello Hawkeye
  14. Is that enough Aiptasia? I might be able to get some pics of them in my back chambers