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  1. DAMN! Those Zoas!
  2. We have a sponsor here that may help you with ur filtration. In-Tank. Look in the sponsor forums for them. I know u can "DIY". I honestly don't know how. I Do know u will want Mechanical (Like a Sponge/Floss) at the top where the water enters ur chambers and u will want Carbon below that. I hope someone else can reply soon.
  3. Thank you Jack
  4. I'm Jelly Nice Fish! I recognize it, but can't remember. Is it a "Wasp Fish"? Or something like that?
  5. Wheew! 30 gallons! Having ur station that close by will certainly help!
  6. True, unless u absolutely have to.
  7. OH! I alredy like!
  8. Sorry to hear that. Hate it when something goes kapooey and u have no idea.
  9. TY Dawn for posting this Vid Cool stuff. I watching ur Vids and Thread Can't wait til u can get ur new ponies!
  10. Good stuff. If u do some fragging, Just for learning purposes, if possible, maybe allow a few students to try it? Maybe NOT the Palys/Zoanthids. IDK, I am just thinking that it would be exciting for the students to give it a try. lol! Especially the "Boys". When I was in school, I enjoyed hands on stuff U could explain about Palytoxin is Poisonous and the need to frag those outside the DT and the use of safety equipment. Goggles and Gloves. I can understand the reluctance to allow the students "Sharp Pointy" objects
  11. Sounds great Kimbers Just be careful with sunlight? Could it cause Algae issues? I know it does for FW tanks.
  12. I have recently done battle with Aiptasia. It was bad! I started using Aiptasia-X with some results, but ultimately I added 6 Peppermint Shrimps and continued to use Aiptasia-X. I Still have Aiptasia, but not nearly as bad as it was. If I had to guess as to how many I had, would have to say easily close to 100. I added the shrimp about 6 weeks ago, and used the A-X, I am now down to about 10 maybe a little more that I really can't get at because of their location. Kill the bastards as soon as U can. They multiply faster than rabbits!. No matter ur course of action, Good luck If u go the route with Peppermint shrimp, know that they are nocturnal, at least that was when I see them. *Following*
  13. CHEERS!! [__]D IT'S FRIDAY!!!!
  14. I am a bewb man, and I honestly prefer au natural. U can almost spot fake ones a mile away