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    Mr coral

    This guy is always making comments about me. Everything is WYSIWYG. All you have to do is look at my feedback. I'm sorry you are made to prove it. What a Joke Eddie.
  2. Super Bowl Auctions!!! Sunday and Monday!! Both nights are crazy!! You can combine both nights!! Click on the link to take a look http://www.ebay.com/sch/thecoralfarmer/m.html?_ipg=100&item=370718536389&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&maxbid=7.00&autorefresh=true&_sop=1 Here is a taste!!
  3. mrcoral.com

    disappointing corals

    Hello, Bryan handles everything on Ebay. I just spoke to him and sent you a Pm. He told me you guys spoke a while back and he took care of you. If you had any other issues you need to contact him on Ebay as he handles everything with Ebay. As you can see Bryan has almost perfect feedback for a reason. He takes care of his customer so shoot him over a message.
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    Mods please close

    Yes, what is your name so I can check on this.
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    Mods please close

    We ship everything UPS Overnight by 10:30 Am so the corals get to you within 18 hours out of our tanks. This Very Expensive. In most case we lose money on shipping. Just put in our ZIp code and your on UPS and see. It is crazy.
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    Mods please close

    Yes, we have 100% feedback for a reason. If you have any question please email us we would be happy to help you out. We will have a DOA from time to time but we make sure everyone is happy as you can see by our feedback. I hope our feedback speaks for itself on Ebay. SPS sits at least 2 weeks before we ship. Seems to work fine for us. All our our Corals are cut and we take pics about a week before auctions begins. That is why some show Fresh Cut. With the Auction time and shipping only Monday and Wed the coral has healed at least 14 days before shipping. Thanks for your interest!! Sonny
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    1" Sea Swirl vs. MP40es

    I use sea swirl wavemaker in the farm they are awesome!!
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    Freddy Krueger had a baby

    Just updated
  9. mrcoral.com

    Freddy Krueger had a baby

    You got to hurry to get this!! 25% off also!! Freddy Krueger with Strange Baby - NEW
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    Huge Memorial Day Sale Just Posted

    Just loaded some Acans!!
  11. Huge Memorial Day Sale just posted!! http://mrcoral.com/go/index.php/kitchen-sink.html 25% off our already low prices on the site!! Plus free shipping at $125!! I don't think you can find a better deal out there!! Everything WYSIWYG 100%!! Enjoy the Sale and have a Great Weekend
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    Made up post. Funny.
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    These Threads are made up for Bashing!! This guy has not posted since Nov 2011
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    Are you kidding?