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  1. DSLR - Canon T2i

    I have a t2i...it is a great camera. I love mine...good luck with the sale...
  2. Ecoxotic Panorama Led package FS

    Please say you will split up the package...I would want the 2 -1st generation 50 50's. Let me know...thanks.
  3. Wanted:LED's

    I am looking for white LED's to supplement the 2 Panorama blue strips I have on my tank. Preferably the same...Panorama 12,000's or the 10,000/blues...or similar. Thank you.
  4. FS-2 Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Modules!

    Yes, please keep me in mind should you separate. Thanks.
  5. FS-2 Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Modules!

    Would you consider selling just the Blue/White strip?
  6. Misc items

    Are you wiling to ship? If so, I am interested in the Koralia 1 and 2.
  7. Can a Mod please delete this?

    Well, I guess I should have read a bit more carefully....I don't suppose you are willing to ship?
  8. WTB LED Actinic Lighting

  9. WTB LED Actinic Lighting

    I have gone a new route with my lighting over my 40 breeder. Now that I have my upgraded MH I am looking for supplemental actinic by way of Ecoxotic or Reef brites, blue only. Or something of equal quality. Please let me know if you have something. Thanks.
  10. Bluebastion

    The MH pendant and ballast were exactly as described....like new! Excellent communication, packing, prompt shipping. Would buy from seller again!
  11. Shoot, is the reef optix + galaxy ballast still available? Just saw this, assuming there are more than one interested, don't want to send payment unless it is available. Let me know asap please.
  12. Am I to understand I can buy the Reef Optix pendant + the Galaxy e ballast for $100 including shipping? If so I would like it please.
  13. jbj uv sterilizer

    I'm sorry if I missed it, but how much for the tank and stand? And will you ship them?