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  1. intresting isn't it. I have the same issue with my peppermint. Just have to keep him occupied until your corals are able to eat it all. I will squirt the peppermint some brine to help occupie him .thanks for sharing.
  2. redseamax for sale

    sold sold sold
  3. black red sea max for sale $400.

    this has been sold, thanks everyone.
  4. FS: CPR CS50 Overflow Box

    just recieved this item, and it is cracked on the back side. i dont know if it happened in transit, but this sucks! im gonna try to silicon it and use it anyway since the crack is near the top. ###### happens i guess!!!!
  5. my bigger crocea

    thank you!
  6. my monti at 8 months

    yea! its because the light i have is a 250w double end 14k metal halide!
  7. 8 months now

  8. is this better??

    F T S
  9. I love clams.

    got this guy small. only 20.00 bucks
  10. mint green candycanes

    started w/3heads. 5 months later its now 7.
  11. F T S

    hahhahahah your so right. my head hurts lookng at it. i wish i had a better camera to show off its true glory.
  12. my monti at 8 months

    it was 15% of what it is now. only about the size of one of its leafs.
  13. comments welcome please

    thanks very much. .... gxsr 750..close!
  14. F T S

    no skimmer, only a mud filter/refugium
  15. comments welcome please

    come on all! criticize me!