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  1. Peppermint shrimp gone without a trace.

    I have had the luxury of seeing my last couple of pep shrimps get demolished by either hermits or nassarius snails.....and so has my 3 year old son...try explaining that one to him
  2. new leds finally up!

    I love it, I have the blues turned down just enough to give it an icy blue look. Depending on what kind/color of vitals I get, I might turn them back up. The shimmer is amazing! Steve is fantastic, he was extremely helpful, and quick to respond to emails
  3. new leds finally up!

    Finally got my led kit put together....14 royal blue and 7 cool white, luxeon from steves leds. Think I need to add another coat of stain, but I love the results so far!
  4. Live Rock Peroxide Dip....

    I am not going to lie, up until 2 months ago there was some neglect. Tragedy can throw you off your game in all aspects. We left for Vegas in February for 3 days, came back, and all hell broke loose in there. I think the 3 days was the final push down for it.
  5. Live Rock Peroxide Dip....

    There were no dead animals at the time of checking the ammonia, definitely no over feeding, only had a small cuc in there. My bet is that the rock was the culprit. Yesterday was the first full day of light since I dipped, not one spot of algae showed up, will monitor today with full light and no peroxide dosing.
  6. Live Rock Peroxide Dip....

    The algae was there before the ammonia
  7. Live Rock Peroxide Dip....

    So I did the dip 5 days ago, here are my results
  8. Live Rock Peroxide Dip....

    Will the inhabitants I have in there now survive?
  9. Live Rock Peroxide Dip....

    soooooo....my nitrites, nitrates and ph and sg is all good....but my ammonia is at 2.0! My ammonia has NEVER been that high even when I first started my biocube 4 years ago. Needless to say, I believe that is the majority of my problem..I do believe a nice big water change is in order...question though..will my inverts be able to survive this?
  10. Live Rock Peroxide Dip....

    As soon as my phone quits acting up, I will post pictures...the lights run about 12 hours..but most of the algae comes within an hour or two after the lights come on...yesterday everything was fine when I added the cuc. Fed the emerald yesterday and the shrimp..two pellets...then again today..and thats when I noticed the brownness of the sand...the rocks are something completely different though I believe. And my sand is argonite...
  11. Live Rock Peroxide Dip....

    It kind of looks like bryopsis....but brown....very wirey looking
  12. Live Rock Peroxide Dip....

    Will a peroxide dip of my live rock cause my tank to cycle? I do not want to kill my crabs/snails/shrimp I recently added. The rocks dont have anything but deadness and algae on them right now, and I think it is affecting my my sand by turning my sand brown as well. My sand was good until I fed the emerald yesterday with a shrimp pellet......on another note...can a shrimp pellet that is a couple of years old add some crappyness to my tank? It just dawned on me that my tank was looking good until I fed the emerald yesterday...yes I ramble...but this is the end. Thanks in advance!
  13. New inhabitants!

    Picked up a few more snails today and a sexy shrimp...she is sexy
  14. New inhabitants!

    I am going to go pick up some more snails today, I have a pep shrimp in there, but he likes to hide. I love the emerald crab, first time I've ever had one.